3D printers

Illustration, image gallery of 3D printed prints.

FabLab has twelve 3D printers available. The printers can be left to print overnight (except SLA). In this case reserve the last hour of the day. Ready made print can only be fetched and paid during FabLabs opening hours.

For 3D printing you need 3D file that you can get by designing it yourself by using design software, by scanning an object with a 3D scanner and then printing it or by finding a ready made file from the internet. Good file format for 3D printing is  stl.

In order to get started see our “Tips for 3D printing” and the “PrusaSlicer -manuals.

For 3D modelling you can use for example the following software:

  • Fusion 360
  • OnShape (can be downloaded for free)
  • Google SketchUp (Sketchup Free)
  • SolidWorks (FabLab, Hervanta Campus library)

Ready-made files you can find for example from Thingiverse.com website

Prusa I3 MK3S+ plastic printer, 8 pcs

Printing area: 250x210x210 mm l/w/h

FabLab uses PrusaSlicer software to export the print files to Prusa 3D printer. You can download the software for free.

See more information about 3D printing produced by the manufacturer:

Prusa Mini, plastic printer, 2pcs

Printing area: 180x180x180  mm l/w/h

Prusa Mini printers are for quick prints. You can use the printers without reservation. Remember to pay your prints!

See more information from the manufacturer’s user manual (Prusa)

Original Prusa SL1S SPEED SLA printer

Printing area: 127x80x150 mm w/d/h

SLA printers use photopolymers, resin as manufacturing material. SLA technology is capable of precise details and good surface quality.

The use of the SLA printer requires participation in FabLab training, experience in 3D printing makes it easier to take over the technology. We inform the training schedule in news section.

Check out FabLab’s device manual and the manufacturer’s instructions for use (Prusa).

Markforged Mark Two carbon fibre/glass fibre printer

Printing area: 320x132x154 mm l/w/h