Tips for 3D printing

Kuvan sisältö kerrottu kuvan alla.

Let´s Get Started!

  1. Idea!

Search free 3D models from, or make your own 3D model.

  1. Software

Use can use free softwares like Tinkercad, Sketch Up, Onshape or Fusion360 to create your model. Save your model in stl. fileform.

  1. Preparing your file

Open your stl.-file in PrusaSlicer software and convert it to G-code, then take sd-memory card from printer and save it there. You can download PrusaSlicer on your own computer or use our PCs on printer tables.

  1. Book Prusa printer

You can do it in a university Resource Booker reservation in system. Slicer software gives printing time estimation of your model.

Make prototypes, spare parts, decorations and toys or ever 3D printed industrial tooling!

  1. Load 3D printer with a filament!

FabLab offers many different color and material options. PLA is the most used one.

  1. Printing your design

Load new filament if necessary. Insert the sd-memory card to the machine, select your file and start printing. First few layers are important, monitor them! Now you can enjoy your creation come to reality!

  1. Prosess time

3D printing is pretty slow prosess. Better quality means also more time. Also if you have very complex model and it need lots of support, increasis printing time.

  1. Finally!

After printing is finished let the printing bed cool down, take the printed object from the bed and remove support material.

Happy days!