Tips for laser cutting

Kuvan sisältö kerrottu kuvan alla.

Let´s Get Started!

  1. Idea!

Search free vector files from or or make your own design.

  1. Software

Inkscape and Adobe Illlustrator are vector graphic softwares. Inkscape is free to download on your own computer and Illustrator is installed on Fablab PCs beside the windows.

  1. Preparing your file

Use vector graphic files. Dxf, dwg, ai, eps and pdf (vector form) files work with Illustrator. We use Illustrator as a printing software. Lines you want to cut, must to be 0,01 mm thick, other lines and areas will be engraved. When engraving pictures/photos, greyscale is preferred.

  1. Book laser cutter

You can do it in a university Resource Booker reservation in system.

Cut boxes, scale models, jewellery or engrave dazzling cards, photos, art!

  1. Buy materials from our material store

We have cardboards, plywood, mdf, cork and acrylic sheets with cheap prises. Complete list is in our webpage.

  1. Cutting your design

Place your material to the left-top corner of laser cutter and do focusing (correct distance between laser beam and material). Open your file in Illustrator and in printing preferences choose correct settings for your material and print.

  1. Prosess time

Cutting is pretty fast, especially with thin materials. On the other hand, engraving takes time. For example engraving A4 size, it may take 20-30 minutes.

  1. Finally!

Remove your material from laser’s working surface. You can use sandpaper or grinder to remove burning marks from plywood.

Enjoy your brilliant creation!