A vision and profiling strategy for maximizing the impact of future research, development, and innovation in the field of Industry 4.0


  1. RDI profiling
    To learn soft skills and behaviour integrated together with the substance specific hard engineering skills in intergenerational and interprofessional learning environments.
  2. Competitive alignment with RDI investments
    To increase participants’ entrepreneurial mindset with genuine industrial and commercial cases.
  3. Educating and investing in new skills and capabilities
    To help stakeholder companies to renew their professional situational thinking.
  4. Capturing a strong collaboration network and better communicating impact
  5. Pilots, research, and innovation will be prioritized to address labor market needs

As a result of
FieldLab machine investments current equipments and capabilities are available:

  • 5-axis machining center
  • Track Mounted 6-axis Industrial Robot
  • Large scale enabled 3D printing platform.
  • Industrial automated welding operations
  • Mobile robot fleet

Flyer_Field Lab_A4