Additive manufacturing capability up to large scale products

Additive manufacturing capabilities offer potential to learn AM-technologies and build prototype and production parts. Our offering cover wide variety of technologies and equipment, from multi material printers to robot enabled 3D printing environment for up to 2x2x5 meter products of plastic and bio composite materials.

TAMK Fieldlab platform offers paths to novel design thinking and generating innovative and optimized designs.


Project examples

3D Invest

ERDF: Creation of 3D printing HUB of expertise in Tampere region with AM research, testing, printing and learning environments, 1.3.2015 – 30.9.2017, TAU, TAMK, and SASKY.

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3D Boost

ERDF: Boosting 3D printing and related expertise, research and learning in Tampere region (in companies and Universities), 1.10.2014 – 30.6.2017, TAU, TAMK, SASKY, and Business Tampere.

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3D InDesigner

EDF: Increase of the companies’ skills and creation of new innovations by 3D-printing technologies, and enabling the company-specific 3D printing designing and piloting of the designed products, 1.9.2017 – 31.8.2019, a joint project by TAU, TAMK, and SASKY.

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Business Finland: Develop the 3D printing system for printing a large scale construction from bio composite material and manufacture a foot bridge, 2021, a joint project by TAMK and TAU.

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