Attractiveness to students


Number of applicants making TAMK their first-choice study destination per available study place

Joint application to higher education, spring


Joint application to higher education, autumn




TAMK’s reputation is strong and stable

Tampere University of Applied Sciences has kept its position as one of the most valued Finnish UAS. In an image survey of Finnish UAS, TAMK received the best score in the following:

  • Fields of education are interesting
  • Location is attractive
  • The UAS offers international possibilities.

In addition, TAMK is among the top three Finnish UAS as regards:

  • Teaching is of good quality
  • Reputation as a study place is good
  • The degree is valued in labour market
  • The UAS stands out from others.

Approximately 3,000 under-30-year olds participated in the image survey of Finnish higher education institutions.

Source: Taloustutkimus Oy, Korkeakoulujen imagot 2020 survey