“The key idea in our new strategy is that during this decade TAMK will grow to be an even more significant player in Finnish higher education. We especially invest in developing our international activities and strengthening our RDI.”
Markku Lahtinen, President and CEO
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This is TAMK

Tampere University of Applied Sciences is a professional higher education institution oriented towards working life and RDI co-operation. We place special emphasis on technology, wellbeing services, business administration, and culture.

TAMK’s quality system has been audited by the Finnish Education Evaluation Centre.

Since 2019, TAMK is a full member of the Tampere universities community – together with Tampere University.

TAMK’s educational provision is diverse and extensive. We offer a range of educational choices to meet different competence needs and to facilitate the participation of students in different life situations.

Through our research, development and innovation (RDI) operations, we search for solutions to help our customers develop their businesses. We brainstorm, test and implement new products and services. Our extensive expert network and inventive students are available for you.

The international dimension of TAMK’s operations is one of the elements that strengthens the appeal as well as the competitiveness of the Tampere region.