Continuing education and services

Many forms of continuing education

In 2019, we took a great leap forward in deepening our cooperation with Tampere University. Even if our units are still administratively separate, our aim is to make enterprises and organisations see us as a service channel which offers the whole higher education community’s extensive education services. We will still strengthen creation of the joint customer surface in 2020.

Social impact of education is a key part of our operational objectives. In labour market training, we started building a new Piece of Work concept together with the university and TE services. It is built on coaching and consideration of individuals’ education needs. Instead of having a ready education matrix and searching for participants to it, we search for motivated job-seekers and tailor education to them.

The open university of applied sciences is more and more targeted at working life needs. Nowadays graduated professionals often participate in open UAS courses to update or expand their competence. The year 2019 also emphasised the open UAS as a place for finishing degrees.

Global Education

In 2019, TAMK’s education export continued to grow. Openings in new countries took place in addition to our key market areas, such as China and Brazil. We for example signed an agreement on nursing education with Elgeyo-Marakwet area in Kenya. The future nurses will begin their studies in Finland in 2020. They will complete their clinical trainings in local hospitals in Kenya. TAMK’s high-quality nursing competence and the students’ local context thus go hand in hand throughout the studies.

A second example of a new partnership is cooperation with the Chilean Católica del Norte University. The cooperation aims at reforming the Chilean education culture by educating the management in educational institutions. In 2019-2020, Finnish and Chilean experts of the field build a degree programme together. Management teams of 25 educational institutions have already committed themselves to complete the programme. Thanks to international cooperation, the programme can use the lessons from the Finnish education system and adapt them to the Chilean culture and system.


TAMK Global education review 2019