Remote opening of TAMK’s new Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care was a success

Opening of TAMK's Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care on 20 Aug 2020. Backrow (left): Tarja Heinonen (TAMK), Kirsi Viskari (TAMK), Kimmo Korkola (Fysioline Ltd). Frontrow (left): Suvi Hagström (TAMK), Esko Vihava (Aistikanava), Kirsi Ihalainen (Kelosound) and Minna Laine (Meditas Ltd).

In the hallway a mobile robot trolley guides people to the Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care, instructs to take some hand sanitizer and enjoy the opening. The opening of the new lab was arranged as a remote event due to the coronavirus epidemic. Only the presenters had arrived at Tampere University of Applied Sciences campus. There were 70 attendees in Teams and reception of the new lab was enthusiastic.

In the morning of the opening day, there was a bustle. Cameras were put in order, and lights, sound and camera angles were thoroughly tested for livestreaming.

At 10.00 in the morning, everything was ready. The remote participants heard the opening speech of Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ Vice President Kirsi Viskari (TAMK). In her speech, Viskari thanked TAMK staff for being actively involved in design and implementation of the lab in a multidisciplinary manner.

Viskari said that she is very pleased with the new research, development and learning environment.

“The lab serves as a development platform for businesses, service providers, researchers, teachers and students. It also further strengthens the role of TAMK as a working life educator and developer of new skills and new ways of working together with the whole universities community, collaborators and players in the field”, Viskari summed up.

Virtual Lab is close to people and companies

There is an increasing demand for such a virtual but physical lab environment as our interest in health and wellbeing has grown. We also have a better understanding of our responsibility for maintaining our health.

“Individual, user-friendly and intelligent health and wellbeing services are very much needed,” said TAMK’s Development Manager Tarja Heinonen who is responsible for the lab operations.

“The coronavirus epidemic has further increased the need for remote and digital services.”

Multidisciplinarity is at the heart of the lab operations. Business collaboration, development work and teaching are conducted across several branches of science.

Tomorrow’s digital solutions

“The Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care has already attracted a lot of interest among industry players. I am really pleased that we have products from a fair twenty technology companies”, said Heinonen.

“We can test the equipment and technical solutions and, based on feedback, also take them forward. In addition to close business cooperation, co-development with health and social service providers is a significant part of our activities”, Heinonen emphasised.

“We are developing and brainstorming tomorrow’s digital solutions for primary health care, functional home environment, rehabilitation, remote services and mobile health services”, she said.

“At the same time, we upgrade our knowledge and skills and meet the working life needs for research, development and innovation. We will create new business and growth opportunities.”

Magic carpets and sensory experiences

Business speeches were held by Minna Laine from Meditas Ltd, Kimmo Korkola from Fysioline Ltd, Kirsi Ihalainen from Kelosound and Esko Vihava from Aistikanava.

During the presentations we heard about wearable exoskeletons, physical exercise equipment, rehabilitation and diagnostics tools as well as the role of natural sounds and sensory experiences as contributors to our overall health and wellbeing.

All company representatives were enthusiastic about the opportunities that the new Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care offers in introducing and developing services and solutions. The business presenters were also particularly pleased to see students learning about the latest technology during their studies.

We received a lot of positive feedback on the opening. Numerous contact requests were received immediately after the occasion. Thank you to all participants on site and in Teams!

Welcome to join us on our journey to tomorrow’s wellbeing and health!

Opening presentations (in Finnish):

Tarja Heinonen, TAMK:  THeinonenSoteVirtualLabFINAL
Minna Laine, Meditas Ltd: TAMK 200820 MINNA LAINE
Kimmo Korkola, Physioline Ltd: Yritysesittely Fysioline Oy 20.8.2020
Kirsi Ihalainen, Kelosound: Kelosound Sote Virtual Lab 20.8.2020
Esko Vihava, Aistikanava: Taikaseina-esitys SVL 20.8.2020

The Virtual Lab for Social and Health Care is located on TAMK main campus at Kuntokatu 3, F-building, 2nd floor, Tampere. Welcome!

For more information, please contact Tarja Heinonen,, +358 50 568 5354.