What is TAMKjournal?

TAMKjournal is an online journal that highlights Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ operation and expertise. Its key themes are TAMK-related research, development, innovation, and education. The publication aims at high quality and societal exploitability.

The target groups of the journal are working life representatives and specialists, staff of other higher education institutions, and TAMK’s current, future and former students.

The contents of TAMKjournal will be updated continuously. Separate issues will not be published.

The authors of TAMKjournal are TAMK staff, students and project cooperation partners.

The article categories are:

  • Topical: A literature based article which comments on current phenomena in the field or higher education sector, does not include an empirical part
  • Reports, applied research & development:  A popular description of practical development process and its results; ideas and innovations developed by TAMK staff and students, or other R&D based article including both theoretical and empirical parts.

The publication languages are Finnish and English.

NB: The (blind double) peer review procedure is not used.

Reference information:

Articles are licensed Creative Commons license CC BY-SA by default. Anyone can share, copy and edit the publication, if they mention the source and share the material with the same license.

TAMKjournal articles can be referred to for example as follows: Pihlajarinne, H. (2015) Risk Management in International Business. TAMKjournal. Published 19.2.2015. Retrieved 22.2.2015 from https://sites.tuni.fi/tamk-pub/risk-management-in-international-business/

In accordance with UAS’s Open Access statement http://submissions.theseus.fi/en/ohje6.htm, TAMKjournal articles are uploaded to Theseus, an open repository provided by the Rectors’ Conference of Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences. If the author(s) does not agree, he or she should contact TAMKjournal editors.

TAMK staff members should report their published TAMKjournal article to Justus-service: https://justus.csc.fi/#!/ Use category D1 – Article in a Trade Journal. When publication information is entered into service it is also automatically transferred to the publication data collection by the Ministry of Education and Culture and taken into consideration in the funding formula.



TAMKjournal is published by Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

ISSN 2342-9887 (online)

Creative Commons License
TAMKjournal texts are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.