VTT Green and Digital Tools

Free Maturity tools for assessing position in digitalisation (VTT)

A maturity tool is useful when an organisation is willing to progress towards a goal but does not know how to proceed. An effective tool will give a common understanding of the necessary viewpoints, the current status and comparison to others. The tool will also help to find the potential development areas and initiate the discussion in the organisation. VTT has created three maturity web tools for three development goals. These self-assessment tools are available for non-commercial use in both Finnish and English.

Digimaturity tool assesses maturity and identifies potential development paths of digitalisation for an organisation.
More info http://www.vtt.fi/inf/pdf/technology/2017/T288.pdf

AI maturity tool helps companies proceed with AI exploitation.
More info https://doi.org/10.32040/Whitepaper.2019.AIMaturity

ManuMaturity guides industry to reach beyond Industry 4.0.
More info https://www.vttresearch.com/en/news-and-ideas/agile-cognitive-manufacturing-industry-what-level-your-company and https://cris.vtt.fi/en/publications/manumaturity-a-maturity-tool-for-manufacturing-companies-to-reach

Visual Analytics open source tool (VTT OpenVA)

VTT OpenVA platform consist of software components that are used as building blocks of visual analytics tools

SW Engineering & AI (VTT)



AI-based technologies are an increasingly crucial economic growth factor that turns data into information, knowledge and directly to action. AI can increase productivity and efficiency and help in the development of society.

VTT uses a multidisciplinary, ethical approach to AI development. Combining technological and IT expertise with in-depth industry and business understanding, and adding the societal viewpoint to the mix, we aim to develop AI solutions that have a positive impact on our customers’ business and the surrounding world.

VTT is a founding member of the Finnish Center for Artificial Intelligence, (https://fcai.fi/) a community of experts looking to solve real-life problems using both existing and novel AI.

Target audience: VTT partners and customers, national and international industry.

Services offered via this environment: AI-solutions development

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Materials Performance (VTT)



VTT Materials Performance covers the whole lifecycle from material development to manufacturing, and from operation and maintenance to ageing and lifetime extension. More specifically, it focuses to gain knowledge to understand failure and ageing mechanisms, quantify material performance, to predict component and structural behavior in operation. The target is to develop sustainable material solutions for extended lifespan and improved operational efficiency. The platform covers materials from metals and ceramics to cementitious materials and provides solutions for a wide range of industrial demands, from nuclear operation & waste, process & energy, marine & offshore industry, aerospace to civil engineering.

Target audience: VTT partners and customers, national and international manufacturing industry.

Infrastructure and tools for: Powder piloting, Metallography and microscopy, Additive manufacturing, Infra and Structures, Corrosion and water chemistry, Tribology, Destructive and non-destructive testing.

Services offered via this environment: Life cycle from material development to manufacturing, usage and lifetime extension. VTT PowderPiloting is an extension to a company’s own R&D. VTT offers industrial 3D printing research services for companies working with, for instance, metals, plastics, and biomaterials. Our 3DMetalprint service solves issues related to applications, production and materials.

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Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (VTT)


Modern machines and structures require linking the chain from material to performance. Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) combines holistic modelling assisted design of material, process and component aspects with materials sciences & engineering perspectives. The resulting service is called VTT ProperTune®: a computational modelling assisted material design, tailoring and performance evaluation methodology and software platform. It can parse massive amounts of data to virtually model and analyse material behavior on component, microstructural and atomic scales. The modularity of the platform makes it suitable for almost all materials.

Target audience: VTT partners and customers, national and international manufacturing industry.

Services offered via this environment: ICME is used to optimise a wide variety of material properties such as lifetime endurance, wear and corrosion resistance, and fracture and fatigue durability. VTT ProperTune® service optimises material design, replacing expensive, time consuming testing and shortening time-to-market for new products by an average of 50%.

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Cyber Security (VTT)


Increasing digitalisation has made cyber security a fundamental requirement for societies and organisations. At VTT, we assist our clients in preparing for cyber threats and develop efficient solutions for dealing with cyber risks. We have a solid background in solving cyber security challenges, especially in the energy and telecommunications sectors.

VTT’s Cyber Range and 5G test network environments enable cyber security testing of networks, devices and software. These environments expedite tangible experiments and provide new information about the performance and security of innovations.

Target audience: VTT partners and customers, national and international industry.

Services offered via this environment: VTT helps businesses incorporate cybersecurity into their planning, implementation and testing processes.

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