SIE Workshops

Smart city and communication network concept. Digital transformation.

Join to create a roadmap for Finnish industry’s digital and sustainable reformation

Finland has lacked a national agenda for industry which could serve as a vanguard for indistrial investments, research and public decisionmaking. In 2020, discussions about creating such industrial agenda increased in industry, academia, and The Ministry of Economic Affairs. VTT has contributed heavily to the theme by launching Sustainable Industry X – A national initiative supercharging Finnish industry performance and sustainable growth through innovation and knowledge.

SIE collects contribution and input from industry forerunners in a series of five workshops shortly after the vacation period (late August – September 2021). In the workshops, the participants should look at the SIE mission at large and work towards a joint agenda for Finnish Sustainable Industry. The aim is to further identify concrete research, resource or educational needs and existing ecosystem and cluster level roadmaps of industry. The first workshop will be held in Finnish.

Date Topic Hosts
Tuesday 24/8/2021 

9:00 – 10:30 

Co-creation and ecosystems VTT: Jaakko Paasi, Karoliina Salminen, Harri Nieminen


Monday 20/9/2021 


 RDI environments and education TAMK: Jere Siivonen


Thursday 23/9/2021 


 Twin transition U Vaasa: Rathan Kumar A, Ilona Söchting


Monday 27/9/2021 


Robotics and automation / human robot collaboration (workshop will be held in Finnish)


  • Tervetuloa, Minna Lanz
  • Robotiikan trendejä maailmalta, Cristina Andersson
  • Robotiikkaa ja automaatiota
    • Virtualization of a robot cell with a real controller, Teemu-Pekka Ahonen, Fastems (10 min)
    • Implementation of High Payload Human-Robot Collaboration, Timo Koota, AGCO Power (10 min)
    • Workshop  Miro: 10 min’n (fokus: 2025)
    • Kappaleen muodontunnistus ja tarkka paikoitus robottisolussa, Heikki Selkälä, Ponsse Oy (10 min)
    • Robotisoitu tekstiilien laserleikkaus, Kimmo Vänni, Kilt Oy (10 min)
    • Workshop  Miro: 5 min’n (focus: 2035)
  • SIX: Test and Experiment Facilities ja tulevaisuuden Pilottilinjat – Harri Nieminen, VTT (10 min)
    • Workshop  Miro: 10’min  (fokus: vision kirkastaminen ja tulevaisuuden visio)
  • Loppusanat
TAU: Prof Minna Lanz, in collaboration UWasa, TAMK, VTT


Registration link to Robotics and Automation Workshop via Lyyti

Wednesday 29/9/2021 


Data-based service creation in industrial ecosystems LUT: Prof. Aki Mikkola, Antero Kutvonen, Sari Laitinen