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Robot arm and communication network concept. Industrial technology. INDUSTRY4.0.

H2020 funding available for industry, SMEs and communities. The topics relate to AI in robotics and manufacturing. #manufacturing#innovation #robots #ai 


Open calls

Eureka Clusters Sustainability Call 2022

This is a two-phase call for proposals: The Project Outlines will be submitted on 2 May 2022 latest. The proposals selected for 2nd phase evaluation will prepare the Full Project Proposal by 30 Sept 2022. The funding decisions are due during autumn 2022.

EIT Manufacturing call is now open for EIT Manufacturing partners and non-partners

11 March 1st stage closed, (mandatory)
29 April  Deadline for full proposals (2nd stage closed)
1 January 2023 Project start
Call guidelines



June 1st and closes in 30.9.2021. Technological topics eligible for funding:industry5.0 solutions; Data4AI solutions; Embedded / edge AI4Manufacturing solutions; Value chain AI4Manufacturing solutions
Grants up to 100,000€.


The project will announce its first Open Call on July 1st 2021 to invite providers of solutions based on artificial intelligence or machine learning. Software solutions developed within the project will then populate KITT4SME digital platform in order to be accessible to manufacturing SMEs for the implementation.
Grants up to 100,000€.


H2020 SHOP4CF: 1st Open Call open now
SHOP4CF (Smart Human Oriented Platform for Connected Factories) is a project that aims to create an infrastructure for the convenient deployment of human-centric industrial applications. Call open: 11.06.-03.08.2021 at 17.00 (Brussels time).
Grants up to 100,000€.


H2020 ZDMP: Call 2 will open August-September 2021.
The Zero Defects Manufacturing Platform (ZDMP) project team invites you to apply for your share of €3.2million EC H2020 Funding split over 2 separate Open Calls aimed at European SME software developers, tech companies and manufacturers to create, test, validate and/or integrate innovative zero-defect solutions for Industry4.0 using the ZDMP components, services and platform.


H2020 BOWI:  Open Call for Mature DIHs
Apply for BOWI Open Call for Mature hubs and join the leaders building Digital Single Market! Selected applicants will join the BOWI community and network and have the chance to apply for service provider’s position for 2nd round of BOWI tech transfer experiments.
Mature hubs selected as service providers will work closely together with developing DIHs and companies from other regions during 10-month long tech transfer experiments, receive up to € 60 000 for services provided. Call closes on 1.9.2021 13:00 CET.


H2020 Better factory: 2nd open call At a technical level, the focus will be to minimise the impact on production cost and to create more value by: Reducing waste, energy and other production resources; Optimising factory logistic; Using robots to support workers; Production preplanning and simulation. Open Call in September 2022.


DIH^2:  2nd open call:
DIH² believes in the power of robotics to transform the agility of manufacturing in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) and drive economic growth across the European Union.
Grants up to €248,000 DL 30.6.2021.


I4MS Open Calls. Several calls. IM4MS calls are light and user-friendly application schemes to allow experimentation and testing with new ICT technologies. Each call has a prompt start date to offer financial and knowledge-based support to manufacturing SMEs and mid-caps.