TAMK Green and Digital Tools

TAMK has Green & Digital Tools for design for additive manufacturing as well as sustainable additive manufacturing.

G&D Tools 1: Design for Additive Manufacturing

  • Digital design and optimization for Additive Manufacturing with sustainable materials, topology optimization for AM:

Concept design can be started with topology optimization. In topology optimization algorithm finds the optimum distribution of material inside design space. Objective for the optimization can be for example minimum mass design.

Manufacturing method of the part can be considered by manufacturability constraints. For example, overhang angles can be controlled to reduce the need for support structures in parts, which are going to be manufactured by 3D printing.

Additional weight reduction can be achieved by using lattice structures, which are impossible to manufacture, except if 3D printing is used.

G&D Tools 2: Sustainable Additive Manufacturing

  • AM process simulation


In additive manufacturing (AM) and in 3D printing high temperatures are used. This causes residual stresses and warpage of the part.

AM process can be simulated and e.g. support structures and print orientation can be optimized to reduce distortion. It’s also possible to compensate the distortions by modifying the digital model based on the simulation results.

Simulation can reduce the amount of wasted material and time.

From the sustainability point of view, optimization of the structures and simulation of the AM process saves materials, reducing both the manufacturing cost and footprint of the parts.  In addition, studies of the of recycling of the materials in additive manufacturing are in active development.