UWASA Green and Digital Tools

Sustainable manufacturing service (Technobothnia Technology Center): 

Productivity improvement toolboxes: industry X, smart and hyper connected factories, cognitive manufacturing and augmented humans. It includes subject areas like:  Sustainability though ICT and automation, smart industry, Logistics, supply chain & resource management, Situational awareness.

Data economy and new innovations (Univaasa Bloomberg Lab):

The Bloomberg lab for finance and raw material market analyses is targeted to university students. However, company collaboration can be made by educational courses. It includes subject areas like: Data value and services, Data innovations, Blockchain utilization, Innovative business models and concepts, Platforms and demand side economics of scale, Framework conditions and regulation.

Carbon neutral & circular industry (Vaasa Energy Business Innovation Center, VEBIC):




Within the interdisciplinary research platform of VEBIC, the University of Vaasa has uniquely integrated laboratories for boosting future fuels (fuel-lab), combustion engines (ICE-lab) and research for reliable integration of electrical and energy systems (FREESI-lab). It includes subject areas like:  Low CO2 Emission Integrated Energy Systems, Smart Grids, Flexible Energy Resources, Circular economy


Advanced manufacturing technologies (incl. robotics, hyperautomation and human technology interaction).

Robotized integration of laser cutting-shaping-welding for 3D components, supersonic deposition of metallic powders for high speed 3D printing, large volume and high-speed 3D polymeric printing

Imaging and localization include outdoor and indoor positioning solutions and demonstration environments with optical measurements as well as radio signal measurement (including but not limited to WiFi, UWB, 5G, GNSS)

AI & data analytics

Machine learning algorithm competence for various industry related applications. Explainable AI methods for transparent decision making with big data. Space based data repositories and analysis tools for remote sensing data and satellite positioning data. Also high accuracy positioning augmentation data.

Industrial data sharing & cyber security

Resilient digital power grid and related threat simulation facilities in Technobothnia Technology Center and University of Vaasa VEBIC. It includes subject areas like:  Cyber-physical security and resiliency, Resilient connectivity

Edge computing & HPC

High performance computation and clustering competence related to 3D image reconstruction and computer vision. It includes subject areas like: Imaging and localization, AI-based automation

Advanced product design (incl. digital life cycle management & digital twins)

Development of interactive, three-dimensional environments and scenarios including content creation, Virtual Factory, Simulation of processes with Humans, Machines and Robots for industrial process design, training and education environments.  It includes subject areas like:  Virtual factories, 3D mapping and modelling, AR/VR

Technobothnian Pilot Environment for Future User Interface Innovations

Competence for User Interface research, piloting and testing and a user interface environment in Technobothnia to meet the needs of today and the future regarding virtual user interfaces with high usability.