SIE workshops invited manufacturing companies to explore the renewal of Finnish industry

Mieshenkilö pitää kädessään valkoista kypärää, kuvassa tyyliteltyjä teollisuutta kuvaavia ikoneja.

Sustainable Industry Ecosystem (SIE) project has organized a total of five industry agenda workshops that invited manufacturing companies to gain insight into the future of Finnish industry shaped by the main technological advances and innovations, and, more specifically, to discuss the changes in the business environment and future requirements for Finnish Industry in the next 10 to 15 years.

Recently organized SIE workshops took place in late September 2021, except for the workshop organized by VTT which took place in late August. The organizers aspired that the workshops’ outputs could operate in synergy with the Sustainable Industry X (SIX) vision. SIX is national initiative with the objective of creating a national vision and roadmap for the Finnish manufacturing industry.

Five workshops covered different points of views

All five workshops had similar structures. The discussions were based on interactive tasks, reviewing the operating environments, resources, R&D, capabilities, and skills necessary for the future of Finnish industry in the years 2025 and 2035. Each workshop explored the above aspects from a different point of view, according to its main theme.

TAU’s workshop theme included robotics and automation/human collaboration aspects. One of the most highlighted points by the participants in this workshop was the expected increase of use of robots in all levels of manufacturing. The workshop organized by VTT focused on co-creation and ecosystems. Participants underlined the gradual collaboration between different ecosystems and their internationalization.

TAMK coordinated its workshop based on RDI environments and education, while LUT focused on data-based service creation in industrial ecosystems. Finally, the University of Vaasa concentrated on the twin transition in energy.

All five workshops shared a common objective: to gain insight into the future of Finnish industry shaped by the main technological advances and innovations.

Learn more about SIX initiative at SIX website.

Text: Panagiota Kalpakidou, Tampere University
Photo: Shutterstock