The University of Vaasa hosted the TULEVA and SIE joint workshop and roadshow on smart logistics

The participants had a tour in University of Vaasa's lab, Technobothnia, and demo of UWB optical positioning and mobile positioning. Photo: Elina Huculak

The University of Vaasa was happy to host the TULEVA & SIE Joint Workshop and Roadshow on Smart Logistics at the start of autumn 2022.

The technology of precision positioning suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces has recently developed rapidly, bringing with it more efficient positioning algorithms and new application possibilities. This development is part of the industry’s digital breakthrough, which in particular boosts smart logistics applications and enables more precise operation and more efficient autonomy of mobile machines.  

The TULEVA-SIE Consortiums hosted in-person and hybrid participants of industrial players and research organizations to provide positioning technology companies networking and company performance opportunities.

Group of people in a classroom.
The hybrid participants of the joint workshop and seminar heard interesting presentations on positioning technology. Photo: Elina Huculak

The Joint Workshop & Roadshow kicked off with opening statements by SIE Project Manager Elina Huculak and TULEVA Project Leader, Dr. Petri Välisuo. Following which, SIE Researcher, Dr. Ahm Shamsuzzoha provided a discussion on the importance of precision positioning in supply chain and logistics management. 

uBlox’s Mårten Ström also lead a presentation on the elements and challenges of high precision GNSS as well as a technology comparison on Bluetooth direction finding and the future of Bluetooth 5.1.

Other demos by the University of Vaasa included accurate satellite positioning demos suitable for outdoor spaces and UWB positioning demos within indoor spaces in their research center Technobothnia.


Text and photos: Elina Huculak, University of Vaasa