New projects related to SIE topics with SIE partners

Small robot welding in factory environment.

We highlight new projects related to Sustainable Industry Ecosystem (SIE) project topics and including collaboration with SIE partners.

TANDEM -“Tools for adaptive and intelligent control of discrete manufacturing processes” Eureka! SMART S0410. (2022-2024)

Project deals with the development of a data-driven and artificial intelligence-based monitoring and controlling platform for robotic discrete manufacturing processes, cells, or production systems, with the objective of improving productivity and quality factors of the manufacturing industry.

Delfoi is a partner in a project funded by Business Finland and led by VTT, which is part of the international SMART-TANDEM Eureka! joint project. The project involves 15 partners from Sweden, Finland, South Korea and Canada. The project has a budget of 5.2 million euros. The project consortium is a strong combination of industry, technology providers and academy.

VTT leads and coordinates the project. The collaborative partners from Sweden include Volvo Construction Equipment, GKA Aerospace, Axson, Procada and University West. From Finland – besides VTT – will participate Sandvik, Kesla, JTA Connection, Delfoi and University of Tampere. From Korea there will be Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) and AMP Korea. The participants from Canada are Empower Operations Corp. and Simon Fraser University.

More information at Delfoi website:

Link to Tekniikka & Talous article published on 20 January 2022. The Finnish article is for subscribers: Krooninen osaajapula pakottaa kehittämään roboteista entistä parempia – VTT:n miljoonaprojektissa hitsaajaroboteille opetetaan ihmisen hoksottimia 

BF OSME Open Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem

The technology group Wärtsilä, together with partners Fastems, Leinolat, Prohoc, Roima Intelligence, Synocus, Tasowheel and VTT, has established a new manufacturing ecosystem. The OSME (Open Smart Manufacturing Ecosystem) initiative will combine with Wärtsilä’s Smart Technology Hub in Vaasa to transform manufacturing collaboration and foster knowledge sharing.

The OSME collaboration also comprises a growing number of Associate Partners that will provide additional strengths to the network. The first Associate Partners are ABB, Fliq, Nimetech, Sandvik, Valmet Automotive, and the University of Vaasa. OSME will also be supported by Business Finland and its growth engine MEX Finland, orchestrated by Synocus.

More information at Wärtsilä’s website:



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