TAMK's handprint of impact

TAMK Annual Review 2022

Welcome to the annual review of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. On these pages, you can read about our results for 2022, our achievements and the highlights of what we do everyday.

Our handprint of impact

TAMK has regional, national and international impact.

Our operation is extensive and impactful. TAMK produces new competence for the region since as many as 67% of graduates still live in the Tampere Region five years after graduation. 82% of the graduates also consider that TAMK is an impactful regional player.

Finnish participants of TAMK’s continuous education were satisfied with their education in 2022 – their willingness to recommend was 9.2 on the scale 0–10.

In 2022, TAMK had 154 ongoing projects. We had external funding for RDI and paid services worth €12.6 million. The financial value of international education sales, €2.1 million in 2022, tells about TAMK’s international impact.