TAOTAO (Developing Event Production Competencies by Learning in Events ) is a further education programme organized by Tampere University of Applied Sciences in collaboration with its working-life partners. The programme will be organized during 2022-2024 using JOTPA funding.

Event production sector has lost recently 6500 professionals to other sectors due to the pandemic and other structural reasons in Finland. At the same time, the event industry has grown fast, and there is a strong need to get the workforce back.

The main goal of TAOTAO is to help event industry companies in the Pirkanmaa region to get their potential workforce back. By educating needed new competencies, the project aims to keep staff employed through the year and ensure a solid availability of competent staff. The programme targets at 60 students during 2022-2024.

For the students, TAOTAO offers a 25 cr study package plus training in several companies and organizations in the Pirkanmaan region.  All the courses will be held in Finnish.