The main campus in winter.

Challenging year, new beginnings.

Welcome to visit the annual review 2020 of Tampere University of Applied Sciences

 President Markku Lahtinen’s farewell words
 President Tapio Kujala’s look to the future
 Education regenerated
 Continuous learning
 Expanding RDI activity
 International TAMK
 Co-development by Tampere Universities
 Social responsibility and sustainability
 Students’ TAMK
 Human resources review

Tampere University of Applied Sciences 

During its 25 years of operation, TAMK has grown and consolidated its position in the Finnish higher education scene. It is the second largest university of applied sciences in Finland, a well-established multidisciplinary educator, developer and partner in working life environments. TAMK has an impact especially in the Tampere Region but also nationally and internationally.

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