Effects of possible power outages on electronic exams

Light bulbs, one of which only one works.

There may be a shortage of electricity in Finland this winter, meaning that regional pre-announced power outages are possible. In the event of an outage, it is not possible to take electronic exams on the campus in question. Below you will find instructions if your electronic exam is blocked or interrupted due to a preplanned or unplanned electricity outage.

Instructions concerning electronic exams

  • If your exam is blocked or your exam time is reduced due to a power outage, change your exam booking to another time before the exam time begins. Log in to the TUNI EXAM system and make the change on the Enrolments page (pen icon). 
  • If your exam is blocked due to a power outage and you do not have time to cancel or change the booking, you can only make a new booking when your previous exam time has expired. An exam booking that was nor cancelled does not affect the number of times you can take the exam. 
  • If your exam is blocked due to a power outage, but you do not have the possibility to book a new time slot for your exam because the exam period has ended, contact the examiner and tell them what happened. The examiner has the option to extend the exam period or to make a personal exam. 
  • If your exam is interrupted due to an unplanned power outage, leave the exam room calmly and contact the examiner. TUNI EXAM system will automatically submit only exam answers written in the system and the answer files attached to the system after the end of the exam booking. It is possible to discuss the renewal of the exam with the examiner or, for example, whether it is possible to take account of the event in the evaluation of the exam.

Instructions concerning the EXAM facilities

  • You should exit the EXAM room no later than 10 minutes before the start of a preplanned power outage to enable safe transition. Please take this into account when taking an electronic exam in an EXAM room on a date when the campus is known to have a preplanned power outage. Also in the event of an unplanned power outage, please be calm and exit the EXAM room. 
  • The use of accessible exam room will be restricted due to a preplanned power outage, so that the room will be closed one hour before the start of the preplanned power outage. 
  • After a power outage, it is necessary to wait that it is safe to use the campus facilities until the campus lights are restored. Wait in the lobby of the building until safe passage to the premises is possible. In addition, be prepared for the fact that you may need to restart the exam computer. After a power outage, it is therefore possible that you may have to start your exam late.

EXAM visits

  • If there is a preplanned power outage at the university where you are going to take your exam, the information about the possible power outage will be sent to your home university without delay. The home university is responsible and able to contact the exam visitor via personal email.


In addition to these instructions, please follow the general information regarding possible power outages on Tampere Universities campuses. News aimed at students and staff in Tampere Universities is published in Intranet what to do when an outage occurs. News: We are prepared for pre-announced blackouts — Learn how to act in a blackout situation (Intranet).

If you have questions or feedback about electronic exams and the TUNI EXAM system, please contact us by email: exam@tuni.fi.