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Electronic exam

An electronic exam refers to an exam taken on a computer or mobile device to verify a student’s competence. The teacher creates an electronic exam in a system of their choice in advance, and assigns it an exact time or a specific time period during which the exam should be taken. In addition, the teacher determines whether the electronic exam is taken in a supervised exam room or whether it is possible to take it independently of the location.

At the Tampere higher education community, electronic exams are mainly organised using the TUNI EXAM system. In addition, electronic exams can be organised, for example, in the TUNI Moodle learning environment or with the O365 Forms tool. Moodle and Forms exams are typically online exams that are taken on your own computer at your chosen location.


TUNI EXAM is the electronic exam service of Tampere higher education community for organising electronic exams. It enables the flexible completion of electronic exams, which means that the student can take the exam at any time in the EXAM room of their choice.

The teacher creates the exam in advance in the EXAM system and determines the exam period. Once the exam has been published, the student makes an exam booking in the EXAM system. Exams are taken in centrally controlled EXAM facilities within the exam period determined by the teacher.


  1. Open your browser and go to exam.tuni.fi. Do not use the Internet Explorer browser.
  2. Press the Login button.
  3. Select Tampere universities as the home organisation and press the Select button.
  4. Log in to the TUNI EXAM system with your TUNI ID.

If you run into a problem when logging in to the TUNI EXAM system, please read the following instructions: Support for Login Problems | TUNI EXAM | Tampere Universities.

EXAM facilities

Electronic exams are taken in campus-based electronic exam rooms with centralised camera surveillance.

Tampere University has EXAM facilities on the Hervanta, Kauppi and city centre campuses. In addition, the university has an EXAM room in the University Consortium of Pori and in the University Consortium of Seinäjoki. Tampere University of Applied Sciences’ EXAM facilities are located on TAMK’s main campus.

More information about the EXAM facilities and any room-specific instructions can be found on EXAM Facilities | TUNI EXAM | Tampere Universities.

Access rights

You need a key card to enter the EXAM facilities. The key card is typically a student card. If you do not have a student card, you can obtain a separate key card. An exception is the EXAM room located in the University Consortium of Seinäjoki where you should use a mobile ID instead of the key card.

Please make sure that your campus access rights are in order before the date of the exam.

TAU: If you forget your key card, you can postpone the exam booking or visit the campus info desk during its opening hours to pick up a temporary key card. You can visit the info desks on the Hervanta campus, the info desk of the Arvo building on Kauppi campus, the info desk of Päätalo or PinniB building on the city centre campus.

TAMK: If you do not have a working key card, you can obtain a temporary key card from the info desk on the main campus during its opening hours.

More detailed instructions can be found on the following page: Student access to campus facilities (tuni.fi).

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct in EXAM rooms apply from the moment you enter the room. The exam room has surveillance cameras to monitor electronic exams and the use of the EXAM room.

Read the code of conduct carefully on the following page: Code of Conduct in EXAM Rooms | TUNI EXAM | Tampere Universities.

Software and accessories

The exam computers in the EXAM facilities are Windows 10 computers with a limited range of software. There is no free access to the internet. In certain EXAM rooms, you will also find accessories such as headphones, a touch screen, a Wacom drawing screen, and a height-adjustable table.

On the following page you will find a list of the software that can be used in the EXAM facilities as well as information on the use of exam computers and possible accessories: Software and Accessories | TUNI EXAM | Tampere Universities.

EXAM visit

An EXAM visit means that you can take your own university’s exam in the electronic exam room of another university. An EXAM visit is possible in more than 20 different locations in Finland.

Instructions for an EXAM visit can be found on the following page: EXAM Visit | TUNI EXAM | Tampere Universities.


The monitoring of electronic exams uses real-time and recording voice and camera surveillance, access tracking and random inspection rounds of the EXAM facilities. The data of these can be combined to verify the identity of the examinee to investigate disturbances or possible fraud situations that have occurred during the exam.

Students must prove their identity when requested to do so during or after the exam. If a student does not have the appropriate identification, a photograph or an autograph sample is taken of the student. The exam is not finally evaluated until the student has verified his/her identity to the person responsible for the EXAM facility surveillance.

Violations and disruptions

The exam performance will be failed if the student acts fraudulently. The performance will also be failed if the student leaves the EXAM room and returns in the middle of the exam. If disorders occur, the student can be removed from the EXAM facility.

If the student is found to have violated the instructions of the electronic exam or the code of conduct of the EXAM facilities, but there is no suspicion of fraud, a notice will be sent to the student by e-mail.

If the exam performance is interrupted or blocked due to a technical fault, disturbance in the space, fire alarm or other similar reason, the student should report the matter afterwards. The student may request the renewal of the interrupted exam or return the answers saved before the interruption for assessment, in which case the teacher assessing the exam will be informed of the situation and may take the interruption into account in the assessment. The student will have the opportunity to retake the exam if the notice is found to be appropriate.

Exam booking

Exam time is booked in the TUNI EXAM system. Make sure that you have registered for the implementation in Sisu (TAU) or Peppi (TAMK) before booking the exam.

The TUNI EXAM booking calendar shows the available exam times depending on the opening hours of the EXAM room, the teacher’s specified exam period, the booking status of the EXAM room, the student’s other bookings, and the optional equipment chosen by the teacher or student (specific computer software, height-adjustable table, etc.). It is not possible to book an exam more than 30 days in advance.

More detailed instructions on how to make an exam booking and how to edit the booking can be found on the following page: TUNI EXAM Quick Guide for Students | TUNI EXAM | Tampere Universities.

Taking an exam

Exams are taken in campus-based electronic exam rooms with centralised camera surveillance. During the exam, the code of conduct in EXAM facilities must be followed.

You can start the exam during your exam booking. Time available for taking the exam starts to run from the start of the allotted time, and it is possible to track the remaining time from the EXAM system. Leave your outerwear and belongings in the storage compartment for the duration of the exam. If necessary, check your TUNI username and exam computer number before entering the room.

Entering the EXAM room is done by presenting your personal key card, which is typically a student card. Make sure before the exam day that your access rights are in order. In the EXAM room, look for the exam spot assigned to you in the booking confirmation and log into the exam computer desktop by pressing the Enter key. Please note that the TUNI username is not used to log into the computer.

Open the EXAM system from the desktop shortcut, and sign into EXAM with your TUNI username. Signing in does not require two-step authentication, as you are not allowed to take your phone into the room. Please also note that it is not possible to use password management programs in the EXAM room.

Take the exam according to the teacher’s instructions. At regular intervals, the EXAM system automatically stores the responses written in the system and uploaded as attachments to it. Check your answers and any attachments before completing the exam. Please note that files that are not attached to EXAM as attachments will not be forwarded to the examiner for assessment.

The exam ends when you have interrupted the exam, submitted your response, or when the exam completion time has expired, in which case EXAM will automatically forward your exam to the examiner for assessment. Once your exam has finished, you must leave the EXAM room.

Problem situations

No technical support is available during an electronic exam. In the EXAM room, next to the exam computer, you will find instructions containing instructions and solutions to the most typical technical problems. You can familiarise yourself with the instruction in advance on the following page: Instructions during exam | TUNI EXAM | Tampere Universities.

If your exam is interrupted due to a technical fault, a disturbance in the room, or any other reason, log out of the computer, exit the exam room, and submit an interruption report to EXAM support. You should report the interruption as soon as possible by emailing exam@tuni.fi. Enter the following information in the e-mail:

  • first name and surname
  • TUNI e-mail address
  • name of exam and examiner
  • time of the exam interruption
  • reason for the interruption

Test exam

You can visit the exam room and take a test exam before the actual exam. The test exam works like a real exam, so be sure to follow the code of conduct in the EXAM facilities. Log in to EXAM as a student, after which you can find the exam with the exam search function or directly via the link below:

Exam assessment

Exams must be assessed, and the results recorded within 21 days of the date on which the answers were or had to be submitted for assessment at the latest. Individual performances of an electronic exam are recorded with the performance date. More than one performance can also be recorded at once for the final day of the exam period, from which the 21-day assessment period is calculated.

For more information on the assessment of exam performance, see the degree regulations of your higher education institution:

Accessibility in electronic exams

It is possible to have individual arrangements in electronic exams. You can find information on individual arrangements from the intranet’s organisation-specific instructions:

An accessible exam room refers to a single-seat exam room with an accessible route to the room. The accessible exam room is intended for students who have a need for a separate exam space, an accessible passage or a person-assisted exam.

More information on the accessible exam room can be found on the following page: Accessibility in Electronic Exams | TUNI EXAM | Tampere Universities.


Frequently Asked Questions | TUNI EXAM | Tampere Universities

Questions and feedback regarding the electronic exams can be sent to exam@tuni.fi. We aim to process support requests sent to EXAM support within three business days.