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Electronic examination refers to an examination, a proficiency test or other test-type assignment that takes place using in  a separate Exam room, using a computer in a restricted network environment, under camera surveillance. Electronic exam gives a student an opportunity to take an exam with a computer during the exam period decided by the teacher.

Signing in

Login with your TUNI account: https://exam.tuni.fi (do not use the old Internet Explorer browser)

Login is possible only through HAKA federation: If you are a member of Tampere universities community, select “Tampere Universities” as your organization.

New faculty & staff users will be granted student and instructor roles automatically on first login.


Taking an electronic exam

TUNI EXAM – Quick guide for teachers

Attaching an electronic exam to an implementation, TAU

How to import assessment information into Sisu, TAU

EXAM user guide for teachers (Eduuni-wiki)

Maturity test as an electronic exam, TAU

Maturity test, TAMK (intra.tuni.fi)

Webinar recordings


TUNI EXAM -koulutus 28.3.2024 (panopto.tuni.fi)

Presentation: TUNI EXAM -koulutus 28.5.2024 (pdf)

TUNI EXAM training 30.5.2024 (panopto.tuni.fi)

Presentation: TUNI EXAM training 30.5.2024 (pdf)



Frequently asked questions

Software and accessories

Software and accessories available during an electronic exam

Create or take a test exam

You can practice using the TUNI EXAM system by creating a new exam and adding questions to the exam. The exam Questions page also has a preview function, which allows you to see what the exam will look like in the exam situation. The exam can be attached to an implementation of your choice or the test course EXAM-1 or EXAM-2. Your exam will not be visible to anyone if you do not publish the exam.

Teachers can also familiarize themselves with the system from a student’s perspective and take a general test exam or their own exam in the EXAM room. The test exam works like a real exam, so remember to follow the Code of Conduct of the EXAM facilities. Log into the system as a student, after which you can find the test exam with the exam search function or directly through the link below:

EXAM-1 TUNI EXAM testitentti (exam.tuni.fi)

EXAM-1 How to use TUNI EXAM (exam.tuni.fi)

Exam visit

Exam visit means that a student takes their own university’s exam in another university’s EXAM room. Read more about exam visits.

Joint exams

A joint exam refers to an electronic exam where either examiners or students participate in the creation or execution of the exam from different universities (two or more) through their own organisation’s EXAM system. You can ask more information and instructions about the joint exam from the EXAM support.