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EXAM visit means that students take their own higher education institution’s electronic examinations in other institution’s EXAM facilities. It is the responsibility of the student to read the EXAM visit instructions of the host institution before booking a time for an EXAM visit. Instructions include information on the opening hours of the EXAM visit facility, possible access rights you need when entering the facility and what software is available on the EXAM computers. These determine whether it is possible to take the exam in question in the host institution. In addition, students must read the Code of Conduct of the host institution’s EXAM facilities.

Institutions where EXAM visits are possible are listed on the following homepage: https://e-exam.fi/in-english/. There you will find the institutions that provide the EXAM visit service, and the direct links to the EXAM visit instructions of the host institution. Each of these have opened at least one computer for EXAM visits in one of their EXAM facilities. Please note that the booking situation may be congested from time to time in some of the host institutions because they are a popular EXAM visit destination among students. If free time slots are not found during the exam period, book your exam at your home institution or another host institution offering EXAM visits. Please note that the home institution is always responsible for individual study arrangements.

Booking a time for an EXAM visit

  1. Login to your home institution’s EXAM system. If you are a student at more than one higher education institution, login with the username and to the EXAM system of the institution whose electronic exam you want to take.
  2. From the EXAM system, open the Exams page and search for the exam with the course code, the exam name, or the examiner’s name.
  3. Once you have found the exam you are looking for, press the Register for the exam button.
  4. After registering, the system redirects you to the Reservations page. Under the Choose room heading, press the link Exam room reservation from external institution.
  5. From the Organization menu, select the destination institution.
  6. From the EXAM room menu, select in which EXAM room you want to take the exam.
  7. Choose the appropriate exam time for you in the booking calendar.
  8. Finally, confirm your booking. You will receive a confirmation of the booking you made in your email.


EXAM visit to Tampere Universities

News: EXAM visit during summer 2024 | TUNI EXAM | Tampere Universities.

Registration for the exam and booking the date of completion is made in the EXAM system of your home institution. Please note that your exam booking only appears in your home institutions EXAM system.

The EXAM visit facility TA203 is located in Tietotalo building on the Hervanta campus. There are five EXAM computers in use for the visitors, but the rest are occupied for the students of Tampere Universities. EXAM visits are possible from Mon-Fri 8am-4pm (excluding the mid-week holidays). Enter Tietotalo building through the main entrance, which is open Mon-Fri 7:45 – 16:00. You don’t need a key card during exam visit.

EXAM visit is also possible at Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) at the Main Campus in Kauppi. TAMK has a total of three computers for visitors: two on the third floor of the B building in room B3-23 and one in room A2-01 on the second floor of A building. Before the exam, you must borrow an access card from TAMK Main campus info in the hall on the Teiskontie 33. Present your ID card when picking up the access card. When you leave, return the access card to the info. The exam visiting computers in room B3-23 are computers 21 and 22, and they are next to the door on the left. In room A2-01, there is one exam visiting machine with an adjustable table. A separate place, computer 21, is located on the left side of the room. There is a height-adjustable table (also a chair). The TUNI EXAM software selection is installed on the exam visiting machines. Both computers in room B3-23 are equipped with a drawing screen – the computer in room A2-01 does not have a drawing screen. Visiting the exam is possible only Mon-Fri from 9 am to 4 pm.

During the exam, you should follow the electronic examination instructions that are valid in Tampere University. When visiting the EXAM visit facility, you also agree to comply with the Code of Conduct of the EXAM facilities. At Tampere University EXAM facilities have real-time and recordable camera monitoring and the Examination Services (tenttipalvelut.tau@tuni.fi) are responsible for supervising the premises.

The workstations at the EXAM visit facility are Windows computers with a limited selection of software. There is no free access to the internet. You can check the software you can use during the exam on the following page: https://sites.tuni.fi/exam-en/instructions/software/. Please note that during the exam it is not possible to use paper to write notes.


Instructions to read before your EXAM visit:

Entrance to the Tietotalo building at the Hervanta campus.
EXAM visits in Tampere Universty takes place in Tietotalo at the Hervanta campus.