❔ Exam visit

Exam visit means that student takes their own university’s exam in another university’s Exam room. The student’s responsibility is to check the opening hours of exam room, how to access the room and other university-specific instructions before exam reservation. Before the reservation student also has to make sure that the guest university has the software needed during the exam. When taking the exam in another university a student follows guest university’s supervision principles and instructions. Check the universities in which the exam visit is possible at the moment.

Instructions for an exam visit 

Exam visit in Tampere University

Test that you can successfully login to Tampere universities TUNI EXAM using your organization’s user account. If login does not work, unfortunately EXAM visit is not currently possible for you. Note that your exam reservations are only visible in your home organizations’s EXAM.  Test login here »

When taking an electronic exam a student follows the guidelines for taking the electronic examination. Using Tampere University EXAM means engaging to Tampere University’s Code of Conduct.

Electronic examinations are completed on Windows computers equipped with a limited set of software and restricted access to the internet. Check the software available.

Real-time recording sound and camera surveillance is used for the supervision of electronic exams. The Examination Services are responsible for the supervision of electronic exams (tenttipalvelut.tau@tuni.fi).

EXAM centre TA203 (Mon-Fri 8-16) in Tietotalo is reserved for students outside of TAU.

Please notice that reservation of exam for students outside of TAU is possible only Mon-Fri 8-16 (not including public holidays)!
At other times entering the exam centre is possible with an access key.

Signing up and booking a session is made in the EXAM of student´s own university, if there is nothing else agreed.

Read the code of conduct in exam rooms.
Read more about the instructions during the exam.