TAMK's handprint of regional impact.

TAMK Annual Review 2021

Welcome to the annual review of Tampere University of Applied Sciences. On these pages, you can read about our results for 2021, our achievements and the highlights of what we do everyday.

TAMK's handprint of regional impact

The picture above shows the regional impact of TAMK.
AMK produces new know-how, especially in the surrounding area, as as many as 71 per cent of those who graduated five years ago still live in Pirkanmaa. In addition, 82 per cent of those who graduated five years ago consider TAMK to be an influential player in Pirkanmaa. We are also satisfied with TAMK’s external stakeholders: 89 per cent of external stakeholders find cooperation with TAMK very or quite useful. Last year, TAMK had about 120 ongoing projects, for which funding of EUR 9.7 million had been received for external RDI activities and paid business. We are also influental internationally. The figure of 2.4 million is the monetary value of training sold to international clients last year.