Staff Review

Merja Jortikka.
HR Director Merja Jortikka states that competence dissemination between colleagues proved even more important during the pandemic.

Reforms in the changing operational environment

Our operation in 2021 was strongly characterised by the coronavirus pandemic, which started in the previous spring. We introduced diverse pedagogical solutions and remote work to support staff’s work. We protected health and safety of those working on campus with guidelines and arrangements. Competence dissemination between colleagues proved even more important and thus we actively organised virtual discussions and meetings. We invested in social interaction online – many teams had virtual morning coffees with the possibility for free discussion.

We have a good atmosphere between our colleagues and team members. It is possible to ask for advise and help from others. You can trust that others do their work well.
– Siqni staff survey in 2021

Through reforms towards a stronger organisation

We did an organisational reform, which was finished in August 2021. The reform aimed at strengthening TAMK’s operation in the changing funding situation. We have the possibility to affect the change in the social and health care sector and we need new competence for it. We can use the growth possibilities of entrepreneurship and new sustainable business and strengthen our international RDI and education in cooperation. This calls for strong schools, TAMK-level operational planning and implementation as well as use and development of staff resources.

The work community wants to develop and is future oriented.
– Siqni staff survey in 2021

We formed five new schools of the earlier seven schools. We merged two schools to form the School of Social Services and Health Care. The School of Business and Media was formed as the fields support one another. Our other schools are Built Environment and Bioeconomy, Industrial Engineering, and Pedagogical Innovations and Culture, which also includes music education.

We clarified supervisory duties in schools in such a way that heads of competence areas work as immediate superiors for teaching staff. All 45 superiors including superiors of administrative and support services received training on labour law, finance and leadership. Support of team-based operation was one of our themes in operational and staff development. Our other themes were remote work, related tools and leadership, pedagogy, quality audit and different substance competences. In the autumn, we discussed hybrid work practices and rules with superiors. They call for closer agreement in teams in order to respond to different work-related situations as well as possible.

Diverse and appropriately challenging work tasks encourage learning and development of professional skills.
– Siqni staff survey in 2021

Staff brough out successes and development needs

The Siqni staff survey made in November 2021 brought out matters which staff members consider important in their work. According to staff, cooperation with students and colleagues, independent and diversified work, use of personal competence, self-development possibility, fair leadership, occupational health care, IT support and ePassi work well at TAMK. Transparency of decision making, discussion and feedback culture, familiarisation with the organisation and staff, valuation of teaching and staff wellbeing are aspects which need development. After the room changes and moves in the autumn, staff hoped to have stronger participation possibilities and clearer timetables.

Text: Merja Jortikka, HR Director
Editing: TAMK’s Communications and Marketing Services
Photo: Saara Lehtonen

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