Internationality Statistics

Internationality in degree education

Number of foreign students

The number of international students continued to grow. In 2021, TAMK had 707 foreign degree or teacher education students. Their number rose by 12% compared to 2020. The growing number of international students can also be seen in the number of graduates: the number of bachelor’s degrees completed by international students rose by 13% and master’s degrees by 32% compared to 2020.

Internationality is a part of TAMK’s all activities. All TAMK’s degree students can complete parts of their degree abroad. Despite the pandemic-related travel restrictions, a good 70% of graduates of 2021 experienced that they had good possibilities to complete practical training and/or student exchange abroad (AVOP survey).

Student mobility

student mobility
Source: Vipunen

The year 2021 was very exceptional due to the coronavirus pandemic. Student exchanges were still cancelled and mobility figures were weak compared to the years before the pandemic.

Staff mobility

staff mobility

Staff mobility was also very low in 2021. For most of the year, people were recommended to avoid travelling. TAMK is a member of an international higher education cooperation network with its 355 partners institutions in 55 countries. The network offers students and staff members exchange, cooperation project and double degree possibilities.

Paid international education

paid international education

The growth in TAMK’s paid international education is explained by the increase in the number of non-EU/EEA degree students. Education export also approached the 2019 level.

The number of foreign staff was 12.7 person-years in 2021.