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Alumni of the year 2021 Roope Mäenpää and Emmiina Lehtonen.
Alumni of the year 2021 Roope Mäenpää and Emmiina Lehtonen.

TAMK has a strong and interesting brand. We TAMK members build it together. We also proudly tell about our innovations and distinguished community members

TAMK’s brand is well-known and strong. It became clear in a higher education brand survey made by Taloustutkimus last spring. Tampere University of Applied Sciences had the highest overall brand image among Finnish universities of applied sciences. Tampere University of Applied Sciences was also experienced as the most interesting study place. Among Finnish universities of applied sciences, Tampere University of Applied Sciences had most first places in the nine aspects of the survey, especially among under-25-year-old people.

Pedagogical deed of the year and RDI deed of the year

There is an innovative, skilled and modern community behind the strong brand. We are proud of its members. TAMK awards its distinguished community members in connection with different events. The pedagogical deed of the year is awarded in the TAMK Conference in February to an activity which has significantly developed pedagogy inside and outside TAMK. The pedagogical deed of 2020 was announced on 4 February 2021 at the end of the TAMK Conference. It was awarded to TAMK’s digimentors.

Digimentoring supports and develops Tampere Universities staff’s knowledge and skills in digitalisation possibilities, related cooperation and dissemination of good practices inside the universities community.

The RDI deed of the year is also awarded in the TAMK Conference. In 2020, the Erasmus+ Capacity Building projects were awarded as the RDI deed. The projects support modernisation and internationalisation of higher education in non-EU partner countries.

Staff member of the year

At the TAMK Day in August, the staff member of the year title was awarded to Senior Lecturer Petteri Jekunen from TAMK’s School of Industrial Engineering. In the grounds for the award and students’ comments, Jekunen was thanked for his encouraging teaching style which takes projects and ideas forward:

“Petteri is innovative, encouraging and inspiring. Especially during the pandemic, he has tried to liven up the atmosphere and cheer up the students in the morning. He clearly invests in teaching by preparing it well and his experience provides additional value for the school.”

Alumni of the year

In October, TAMK selected two alumni of the year. They are Composer Roope Mäenpää and Bachelor of Hospitality Management and Restaurant Chef Emmiina Lehtonen. They were awarded in an alumni week event at TAMK main campus.

Roope’s compositions have been played at Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra as well as concert halls around Finland.

Emmiina worked in a Michelin restaurant and was one of the top three in Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs competition.

You can read Emmiina’s and Roope’s alumni stories through these links:

Emmiina’s alumni story

Roope’s alumni story

Alumni offer essential working life feedback for TAMK because they have first-hand knowledge of field-related competence needs, career possibilities and experience in a university of applied sciences degree.

TAMK already uses alumni’s working life competence and networks in diverse manners. Alumni’s views are also important in career counselling of present-day and future students. If you are our alumnus, you are warmly welcome to our alumni network.

Further information on alumni activities and joining the alumni network through this link.

Circular economy deed of the year

The circular economy deed for 2021 was awarded to AV Support Jussi Hulkkonen, who suggested re-use of old AV equipment.

Circular economy is an important part of TAMK’s innovation activities. A concrete example is a bread bag made of oat hulls and developed together with Fazer. It came into market in early 2021.

We can thus be proud of TAMK with reason!

We have introduced the hashtag #ProudlyTAMK in our social media channels. We hope that it is added to social media posts when we share our university of applied sciences’ achievements and successes.

If you do not already follow TAMK in social media, it is worth doing it!

Text: TAMK’s Communications and Marketing team
Photos: Jaakko Saarilampi