Education Statistics

TAMK is the third most popular university of applied sciences in Finland.


education statistic
Source: Vipunen 31.1.2022

We have approximately four primary applicants per study place. A good half of the primary applicants come from the Tampere Region. The number of applicants rose by 6% compared to the year before.

Increase in study places can be seen in the number of students. In 2021, more than a thousand new degree students started in TAMK’s fields of engineering and social and health care. The number of students also continued to grow in the fields of business and media.

New students

Source: Vipunen 31.1.2022

Number of students

Number of students
Source: Vipunen 31.1.2022

Tampere University of Applied Sciences is one of the five Finnish universities of applied sciences which offer professional teacher education. It is possible to complete professional teacher education, guidance counsellor education and special needs teacher education at TAMK. Teacher education is popular: both the number of students and graduates is growing.

The number of students is also growing in bachelor’s and master’s degree programmes. Even if 2021 was an exceptional year and teaching mainly took place remotely, a record number of credits was completed at TAMK. Degree students completed approximately 10,000 credits more than in 2020, which was partly due to the growth in the number of students.

Working life orientation is one of the cornerstones of teaching. In addition to traditional classroom teaching, studies are also completed at workplaces and in the university of applied sciences’ or the practical training place’s RDI projects. RDI studies are a part of working life research and development. The objective is to create new information and use the information to develop new applications. Combination of studies and working life makes meaningful learning possible.

TAMK aims at increasing internationality in all its activities. This can be seen in the increasing number of credits completed in a foreign language. There was an 18-percent growth compared to 2020.

Number of graduates

Number of graduates
Source_ Vipunen 31.1.2022

A good two thirds of bachelor’s degree students graduated during the normative duration of studies. Smooth academic progress and graduation during the normative duration of studies are important for students as well as working life. In 2021, TAMK achieved the degree objectives agreed on with the Ministry of Education and Culture as regards professional teacher education. The number of master’s degrees grew from 2020 but the number of bachelor’s degrees has faced a downward trend for a couple of years.


degrees with highest employment rate

78% of students have a job at graduation and over 70% of them work in the Tampere Region. Especially master’s degree graduates have a good employment rate. Bachelors of Construction Management, Construction Architecture, Health Care, Social Services and Business Administration have the highest employment rate. A good 4% of graduates work as entrepreneurs.

Approximately 90% are employed a year after graduation. Five years after graduation, 83% of career survey respondents consider that they still use the competence they learnt at TAMK in their work.