Päivi Karttunen.
"TAMK remained the second most popular university of applied sciences in Finland, which affected development of admission procedures", Vice President Päivi Karttunen says.

Successes and advances in the midst of challenges

The year 2021 was still exceptional and most studies were implemented remotely or as blended learning. The Tampere Universities community’s Teaching and Learning Centre together with TAMK’s development services and professional teacher education organised diverse support on using remote teaching and digital technology in education. The quality audit of November also impacted the year of education. The extensive self-evaluation process highlighted our strengths and development needs.

Even if there is hassle at times, we still have a relaxed atmosphere. Our teachers have been very flexible in the exceptional situation and we have been well looked after.
– Annual feedback, Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Construction Architecture

New activities for the benefit of students

Despite the pandemic, students’ studies mainly progressed well. The number of students who completed 60 credits grew even if the quantitative degree target was not achieved. The number of professional teacher education graduates was good. The exceptional times affected students in many ways and especially hybrid teaching and engagement in studies proved to be development needs for future years, too.

Remote teaching has not suited me but it depends on me not being able to concentrate that well at home. Teachers have done their best to make remote learning work.
– Annual feedback, Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Nursing

We did some new openings in student wellbeing. The work was facilitated by the TreSilienssi project funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The project helped us to develop the Parvi concept. Parvi gathers together study-related and wellbeing-related support activities and includes group activities, individual counselling, peer support, community events and group interventions by experts. Web and remote connections are utilised in the activities.

I am really grateful to TAMK that student wellbeing services are easily available. It has felt that the school cares about my wellbeing. I have not been left alone when feeling bad.
– Annual feedback, Bachelor’s Degree Programme in Public Health Nursing

Participation in working life changes

We had both quantitative and qualitative growth in degrees. Labour shortage fields were supported with the Ministry of Education and Culture’s funding. TAMK received a total of 90 additional study places for social and health care, construction site management and business information systems. The ministry also opened application for new educational responsibilities to respond to the labour shortage. TAMK applied for the Degree Programme in Dental Hygiene. The application paid off and the new educational responsibility will take effect on 1 August 2023.

We prepared and started several development measures which support development of education structures and services. A key measure was starting of the curriculum reform and preparation of the pedagogical competence development programme. In the autumn, we also started a service design process in education and learning services. Development of digital education services progressed and we finished the digital graduation process and application for discretionary extension time. The electronic degree certificate was introduced at the beginning of 2022.

TAMK remains popular

TAMK remained the second most popular university of applied sciences in Finland, which affected development of admission procedures. In 2021, the number of applicants to degree programmes conducted in English grew by 18% and a good 60% came from outside the EU/EEA. We implemented the entrance examinations of the spring in exceptional circumstances, which demanded a massive work contribution. About 8,000 applicants participated in joint entrance examinations of universities of applied sciences at TAMK. The examination participants were divided into 15 groups on 8 days. We expanded the open UAS path to degree studies. We intensified the path studies and piloted admission courses in cooperation with upper secondary vocational institutions. We also prepared an international electronic entrance examination together with other universities of applied sciences. Its implementation started at the end of last year.

TAMK seemed to be an international school with many possibilities.
– Feedback survey for new students, Bachelor’s Degree Programme in International Business

Internationalisation is one of our strategic focus areas. It was implemented in education in a variety of ways. The number of international degree students continued to grow and there are approximately 700 of them at the moment. An employment-related measure was a bilingual Degree Programme in Nursing pilot in which students aimed to achieve sufficient Finnish language skills for employment. We also promoted employment with TalentBoost funding by focusing on improvement of students’ practical training possibilities and gathering of international services together through participation in development of the International House Tampere. As a national SIMHE institution, we developed guidance services and language education for immigrants.

What is it like to study at TAMK? Our three alumni tell it in this video:

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Text: Päivi Karttunen, Vice President
Editing: TAMK’s Communications and Marketing Services
Photo: Saara Lehtonen

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