Human Resources Statistics

Number of full-time staff

number of full time staff
Source: HR system Mepco

The number of full-time staff’s person-years was 747 in 2021: teaching staff 429 PYs and support and service staff 318 PYs. The number of person-years decreased by a per cent compared to 2020. At the beginning of 2021, TAMK’s Financial, Project and Purchasing Services as well as Travel Services transferred to Tampere University.

Key staff figures

human resources statistic.
Source: HR system Mepco

In 2021, TAMK employed 882 people. Twenty-two persons retired in 2021 at the average age of 65. Forty-four new recruitments were made to permanent positions. The average age of TAMK’s staff is 48 years.

The staff participated in plenty of trainings during the pandemic year, especially in pedagogics and digital tools. The training hours reported by TAMK staff summed up to a total of 9,300 hours.