Continuous Learning Statistics

Credits completed in open university of applied sciences

completed credits.


The popularity of open UAS studies continued to grow. A total of 24,064 credits were completed at the open UAS compared to 21,220 in 2020. Path students completed almost two thirds of all open UAS credits. Every third open UAS student (470 students) aimed for degree education.

Besides open UAS education, TAMK’s continuous education provision comprises specialisation studies, further education, tailored education for companies and communities as well as education export. In 2021, 138 students participated in specialisation studies. Approximately 4,800 students participated in further education.

Paid education and services in Finland

paid education

The coronavirus pandemic challenged paid education and services in Finland and abroad. In Finland, education and service sale remained on a low level. The international education situation turned to a better direction in 2021. The number of non-EU/EEA tuition fee students continued to grow. The education export figures are presented in more detail in the Internationality section.