Personal and Group services

Personal training is often the easiest and safest way to start exercising, intensify your training or to help you achieve lifestyle changes. Gym instruction is meant to help you get a safe start to your gym training or boost your current exercises. You can book these services by yourself, with a friend or in a group. Personal and group services are available for all SportUni´s customers. Sports consultation is offered for students and staff of Tampere Universities and does not require the SportUni membership.

Sports consultation, Gym instruction and Group instruction

Oona Leivo, physiotherapist, Bachelor of Health Care

Oona Leivo

Tel. +358 50 447 8506
Available Mon-Fri at 9.00-15.00 at Hervanta customer service
Available only at Hervanta campus

Janette Savumaa, sports counsellor, student of Bachelor of Sports Studies

Tel. +358 50 470 2737
Available Mon-Fri at 9.00-15.00 at City Centre customer service
Available only at City Centre campus

Lotta Leijo, Bachelor of Sports Studies, PT Certificate

Tel +358 40 627 9551
Available Mon-Fri at 9-15 in Kauppi/TAMK customer service
Available only at Kauppi campus


Personal training

Nathalie Schümchen, Personal Trainer (instruction in English)

Nathalie Schumchen

Phone: +358403262034 (also WhatsApp/Telegram)
Available only at City Centre campus

Heikki Yhtiö, Strength and conditioning coach

Heikki Yhtiö

Phone: 0451847777 (WhatsApp)
Instagram: @heikkyh
Facebook: Valmentaja Heikki Yhtiö
Available at all campuses

Outi Ruuska, Personal Trainer

Phone: +358 40 547 4884 (WhatsApp)
Instagram: @outiruu
Available at City Centre and Kauppi campuses


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