Gym instruction for beginners

Gym instruction

Gym instruction for beginners is meant to help you get started with gym training. Instruction is meant for a generally healthy person with little or no experience of gym training. If you suffer from musculoskeletal disorders, for example, it is recommended that you contact FSHS (the Finnish student health service) or other healthcare service first and start your training with their help. The SportUni fee must be paid before the sessions.

You can buy gym instruction for beginners services in packages of 1 or 2 sessions. These includes a personal gym training program. One session lasts for 55 minutes. The service is available at every SportUni centre.

Gym instruction packages

  • Plain gym training program: Program with no instruction sessions can be purchased from a gym instructor. You’ll get the program by an e-mail after the payment.
  • Gym instruction (1-2 sessions) + gym training program: Instructor designs a personal program for you. Instruction sessions can be used to learn the program, to introduce you to certain muscle groups’ training methods, or to help you become familiar with the gym equipment.

Prices and Payment

  • 23 € / Personal gym program without instruction
  • 46 € / Personal gym program + 1 session instruction
  • 67 € / Personal gym program + 2 sessions instruction

One session is 55 minutes.

The sessions/program can be paid at SportUni centre’s customer service desks. Paying with ePassi/Smartum is also possible.

Book an appointment

Book the first training session by contacting the Sports coordinator personally at the campus that is most suitable for you. Possible other training session are reserved after the first session.

Sports coordinators

Anna Karppinen, Bachelor of Sports Studies

Tel. +358 50 571 5819
Available Mon-Thu at 9.00-15.00 at Hervanta customer service
Available only at Hervanta campus

Janette Savumaa, Bachelor of Sports Studies

Tel. +358 50 470 2737
Available Mon-Fri at 9.00-15.00 at City Centre customer service
Available only at City Centre campus

Sini Karsa, Bachelor of Sports Studies

Tel +358 40 627 9551
Available Mon-Fri at 9-15 in Kauppi/TAMK customer service
Available only at Kauppi campus

Background information

After contacting the instructor, please fill out the background information.