FAQ SportUni Livestream classes

Here you can find questions and answers concerning SportUni livestream classes.


Q: Could you record livestream classes for the later watch?

A: Unfortunately we cannot record livestream classes because of the music licences. For this reason we have made several video classes where we use copyright free music or no music at all. You find these classes in Panopto video service in SportUni Online Sports folder.

Q: Why I can’t find my favorite instructor in livestream classes?

A: We have given for every SportUni group exercise instructor a possibility to instruct livestream classes, but for the understandable reasons, not all instructors want to do livestreams. Instructing in an empty hall and only for the camera is different and challenging in many ways, because the contact to the customers is missing.

Q: Why there are only limited amount of classes available compared to normal situation?

A: In normal situation we organize group exercise classes in three sport centres. Livestreams we can do only in one sport centre, which naturally limits the amount of the classes. The group exercise halls in our sport centres are also used for the teaching purposes, which affects the possibilities to organize classes on the daytime. Our instructor capacity is also limited, because not all instructors want to do livestreams. We have planned the selection of livestream classes so that it’s possible to attend classes with very few equipment and with limited space around. That’s why the selection of the classes is smaller than normal and the contents of the classes is simple.

Q: Could you make some weekly variety for the classes and timetable?

A: We have tried to adapt the schedule based on the feedback we have got. But the schedule is based on the availability of the instructors and that’s why it’s not possible to change it every week. We find it fair that the instructors have a possibility to instruct those classes in those times, that they would do, if the group exercise classes could be organized live in sport centres.

Q: Where can I see the weekly schedule for livestream classes?

A: The schedule for livestream classes is seen on our website. You find the livestream classes on the same selection calendar you normally find our group exercise classes. (Campus: “Other locations”).

Q: Could you make improvement for the quality of the sound and the image?

A: We are doing our best to get the quality of the sound and the image as good as it can be on those systems we have in our use. Unfortunately the challenge in livestream classes is that the quality is depending a lot in the network connection of the user. Sometimes there is also rush hours in Zoom and Zoom automatically starts to weaken some features, which causes the changes in the quality of the sound or image. If you want the sound to be louder, but the volume of your device is at its loudest, check Zoom in “Audio Settings -> Speaker – Output level”.

Q: Could you continue livestreams even when group exercise classes can be organized at sport centres again?

A: Yes, we are aiming that we could livestream some group exercise classes when we get back to normal.