Gym program 2: Functional Limited Equipment

General Instructions

- Do a 5-10 minute warm-up before the workout. You can use a cross trainer, stationary bike etc. Don't forget to do some dynamic stretches.
- Do three sets for each movement, 10-15 reps.
- Rest 60 - 90 s between sets.
- Remember to do a cool down after the workout.

Box step-up

Step up on the box with your foot. Keep the pelvis and lumbar spine in the neutral position and the ankle and foot in control. Step down slowly and step up right away again.

3 x 12 per leg

box step up gym

Box jump

Jump on the box. Land on your feet right in the middle of the box. Step down slowly or jump back down with control. Pay attention that your knee-toe line is straight forward.

3 x 10

box jump gym

Kettlebell row

Standing, bent forward. Leen your other hand towards the knee. Pull the kettlebell towards your lower chest and move your shoulder backwards. Let the arm extend again and the shoulder return to the front. Try to perform maximal back muscle stretch and contraction.

3 x 10 per side

kettlebell row functional gym


Start from the ground, hands on the same level as shoulders, toes on the floor. Jump from the ground to squat with your hands on the floor and with same movement stand up to your toes all the way and lift your hands behind your head. Return to the ground same way. Try to do this movement explosive.

3 x 10

burpee gym functional

Russian twist

Sit on the floor, lean back lightly, lift your legs up. Rotate your upper body from side to side. You can change the power of the workout by changing your inclination.

3 x 15

russian twist gym kettlebell

Back muscle exercise with a stick

Lie down on your stomach. Place the stick in front of the body with straight hands. Lift the chest off the floor, pull the stick towards your chest and extend the stick back to straight hands. Return to starting position. Pay attention that you keep your neck straight (looking towards the floor).

3 x 10

back muscle stick exercise