Terms of Use

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Terms of use

  • SportUni services are a student and personnel benefit for Tampere Universities students and employees.
  • The use of SportUni facilities and services requires the payment of a personal SportUni fee. With this payment you can use all the sports services on the three campuses.
  • The paid fee is not refunded to the customer in any case when the use of the services is interrupted.
  • Access card is personal and must not be handed out to another person. Sports facilities can not be entered without card and card must be scanned in readers on every visit. The misuse of the card may result in withholding the rights to use the sports facilities and services. Tampere Universities have Terms of Use of Access Rights and sanctions are determined in Code of Sanctions in cases of access right violations.
  • If a SportUni member allows an external person to the premises without charge, this abuse may result in the removal of access to sports facilities.
  • Those registered as a present student, international exchange student or staff member at TAU or TAMK are able to use the services as long as the study right or employment contract is valid.
  • Student SportUni Fee requires membership of Student Union TREY or Student Union TAMKO for the current academic year.
  • TAU post-graduate students can pay the student SportUni fee and use the services as long as they are members of the student union. TAU post-graduate students who are not members of student union are not allowed to use SportUni services. TAMK active post-graduate students pay staff fee if they are not members of student union.
  • TAU international students can pay the student SportUni fee and use the services as long as they are members of the student union. If they choose not to pay the optional student union fee then the SportUni fee is the same as with staff members.
  • The right to use the sport facilities and services ends on the day when the student graduates or the working contract of the staff member ends. The SportUni fee is not partially refundable.
  • Open university and open UAS students are not entitled to use SportUni facilities and services with the exception of TAMK’s attending path students. Path students pay the staff price if they are not members of the student union.
  • Service entities (courses, personal training, ball games etc.) have own specific terms of use that need to be followed. Terms can be found from concerning service information at sportuni.fi 
  • An insurance policy is not included in the fee. If required, you should provide your own accident insurance cover.
  • Privacy notice