Access rights

Pick up access rights to your card at first visit in Sport Centre.

  • The SportUni fee can be paid by electronic payment methods or to sport centre customer service point.
  • Access rights to your card are updated at first visit in Sport Centre customer service point. You need to pick up access rights separately from each campuses’ Sport Centre.
  • Access rights are updated automatically to Hervanta campus sport facilities to those TAU members who already have a functioning access card at Hervanta campus.
  • If you use directly ePassi application (not our Electronic payment system), you need to activate the access card at the customer desk.
  • Access card must be scanned to the reader each time you visit the sports facilities!
  • Access card is personal and must not be handed out to another person.
  • Tampere Universities have Terms of Use of Access Rights and sanctions are determined in Code of Sanctions in cases of access right violations.

The access rights need to be requested separately for each academic year or according to the payment period.
You need to have a picture student/staff card with you. Students with no picture student card need to have a picture ID.

Payment receipt is not needed. Our staff can see the payments from online register. There is a 1-3 day delay in updating of electric payments to this register. Take a payment receipt with you if you pick up access rights immediately after electric payment.
Please notice, that it is not possible to use any of the sports services (including courses, badminton etc.) on other campuses before you have applied for the access rights!

Please enter customer service and show a picture ID each time using our services if you are a new student and don’t have a student card yet.