Personal Training

Gym instruction

Wellbeing with the help of a Personal Trainer!

Personal Training services can be booked in packages of one, three, five, ten and 20 sessions, and you can practice either alone or with 1–3 friends. The SportUni fee must be paid before the sessions.

A personal survey, a sport/gym program and the number of meetings with the PT according to your choice are included in the packages. The meetings can also include dietary instructions, getting to know different sports, and muscle, mobility and endurance testing.

The training sessions (55 min) can be held at any of the SportUni campuses or at, for example, a sports field or a swimming pool suitable for you.

PT Levels

SportUni Personal Trainers are divided into two price levels based on experience in coaching. At both levels, our Personal Trainers are educated professionals  – Level 1 PT has less than 600 guided coaching hours and Level 2 PT has more than 600. 

How do I make an appointment?

Read the PT introductions below and contact the trainer of your choice by e-mail or phone.

Level 1
PT: Nathalie Schümchen, Tel: +358 40 326 2034 (also WhatsApp/Telegram)
PT: Vilma Lahtinen, Tel: +358 40 1531995 (also WhatsApp) Available at 1 June 2024!
PT: Onni Saavalainen: Tel: + 358
44 978 8186 (also WhatsApp)

Level 2
Strength and conditioning coach: Heikki Yhtiö, Tel: +358 45 184 7777 (also WhatsApp)
PT: Outi Ruuska: Tel: +358 40 547 4884 (also WhatsApp)

  • Send the background information by e-mail.
  • During the first session you will sign a Personal Training contract.
  • If you need to cancel a session, please do so 24 hours before the agreed appointment time. PT will charge 63/73 € by invoice for the session, if it isn’t canceled in time.


For one person

LEVEL 1 (Nathalie, Onni, Vilma)

  • 63 €/1 session
  • 152 €/3 sessions
  • 236 €/5 sessions
  • 441 €/10 sessions
  • 787 €/20 sessions
    Extra sessions added t0 packages: 51 €/session.

LEVEL 2 (Heikki, Outi)

  • 73 €/1 session
  • 176 €/3 sessions
  • 274 €/5 sessions
  • 512 €/10 sessions
  • 913 €/20 sessions
    Extra sessions added t0 packages: 59 €/session.

Sessions for a small group (2-4 persons)  

LEVEL 1 (Nathalie, Onni, Vilma)

  • 104 €/ 3 sessions / 1 person
  • 156 €/ 5 sessions / 1 person
  • 282 €/ 10 sessions / 1 person
    In addition to group sessions you can also book an individual session with 51 € / session.

LEVEL 2 (Heikki, Outi)

  • 121 €/ 3 sessions / 1 person
  • 181 €/ 5 sessions / 1 person
  • 327 €/ 10 sessions / 1 person
    In addition to group sessions you can also book an individual session with 59 € / session.

One session is 55 minutes.

The sessions/program will be paid at the SportUni centre’s customer service desks. Paying with ePassi/Smartum is also possible.

Get to know SportUni personal trainers

Level 1: Nathalie Schümchen (only in English)

Hi, I’m Nathalie! Here at Tampere University, I’m a group instructor, personal trainer, and linguistics researcher. If you had asked me about exercising about eight years ago, I would have told you that the only time you would see me running was when being late for the bus. A lot has happened since then – in 2016, a colleague took me on my first run since high school, which is when I discovered that not getting high grades at sports at school doesn’t mean that sports can’t still be fun (better late than never, right?) I got into running and fitness boxing, which are, next to strength training and mobility work, my favorite ways to move. Discovering the joy of movement, and how much better an active lifestyle makes me feel, has been a real game-changer for me, and has also made my desk-centered day job more bearable.

I got into instructing group classes via fitness boxing. During the first covid-related lockdown, I held lots of online classes. It was then that I decided that I wanted a deeper knowledge of training and the human body which led me to taking courses to gain a Level 4 Personal Trainer qualification.

Student or staff here at Tampere Universities, I’ll always do my best to help you, whether you have just gotten started, are seeking to get back to a more active lifestyle, or are looking for specific ways to tweak your performance. I believe that movement should be fun, so let’s find out together which activities you enjoy inside and outside the gym!

Currently, I’m only available at Atalpa (city center campus) where I also work as a researcher in the language unit. In terms of language, I can instruct in English, Danish, and German – I’m still working on my Finnish skills 😉 Send me an email or a message on WhatsApp or Telegram and let’s find out what works for you!

Phone: +358403262034 (also WhatsApp/Telegram)
Available at City Centre campus

Level 1: Onni Saavalainen, PT

Hey! My name is Onni, and my mission is to help you realize your true potential.

I want to assist you in feeling better, stronger, and enjoying life and movement more. Comprehensive well-being and everyday energy are close to my heart, and exercise is a true remedy for it. When training with me, you’ll avoid unnecessary injuries, and you won’t have to go on crazy crash diets – instead, you’ll achieve lasting results.

I believe that the human body is designed to move, and people are at their best when they’re in good shape, strong, and confident. Versatile functional strength training, combined with endurance exercises and practical nutrition, provide you with the prerequisites for comprehensive well-being and endurance. I create a personal exercise plan for each of my clients that suits your needs, and I support you on your journey toward your goals.

Whether you’re a beginner, experienced athlete, or somewhere in between, I can certainly help you achieve your peak fitness. I have personal experience in a wide range of activities, from team sports to martial arts and endurance sports. Nowadays, I engage in various activities to promote my own and others’ health and well-being. My education includes being a certified sports massage therapist, a well-being coach, and a personal trainer. Additionally, I’m currently studying to become a physiotherapist at Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

As a coach, I’m demanding but fair. I challenge you to help you improve safely. I always take into consideration your overall daily load and your life situation when planning workouts. As a coach, I’ll help you increase your strength and confidence, tone your body, build muscle, improve your basic fitness, and help you enjoy having a functional and strong body. Are you ready for a change?

I expect my clients to have a desire to learn and grow, as well as the motivation to make a change. You may have a specific goal you want to achieve, or I can help you find a goal that’s meaningful to you. If something within you has awakened, and you feel ready for a change, please get in touch, and let’s get to work!”

Tel: +358 44 9788 186
Instagram: Valojavoima
Available at all campuses

Level 1: Vilma Lahtinen, PT AVAILABLE AT 1 JUNE 2024

Tel: +358 40 1531995
Available at all campuses
Instruction also in english

Level 2: Heikki Yhtiö, Strength and conditioning coach

Tel: +358 45 184 7777 (WhatsApp)
Instagram: @heikkyh
Facebook: Valmentaja Heikki Yhtiö
Available at all campuses

Level 2: PT Outi Ruuska

Tel: +358 40 547 4884 (WhatsApp)
Instagram: @outinhy
Available at all campuses