Other sports

Climbing wall

Climbing wall

Hervanta campus has a climbing wall, and its use and all activities related to it are coordinated by Tekiila sports club. Kauppi Centre also has a climbing wall.

On the climbing walls of Hervanta and Kauppi, you can climb and borrow equipment when you have a belayer card. Show your belayer card at the customer service desk before climbing.

Tekiila, a climbing club under TUrVoKe, is responsible for the equipment, climbing and climbing courses at the Hervanta campus.

Jogging and outdoor sports

TUrVoKe ry’s orienteering club KeparDI organizes an open jogging group. Jogging starts from student house Wäinölä’s (Opiskelijankatu 4) parking area garbage shelter on every Monday at 6pm. There is a possibility for 10km or 18km run. Map and more info from KeparDi’s web pages.

The Tampere region also offers a wide range of opportunities for outdoor sports. Kauppi Sports Park has over 30 kilometres of illuminated activity routes, different fields and courts, a bowling hall, a greyhound track and an archery field. Learn more from the city of Tampere’s sports page.

Martial arts

There are tatami mats at Hervanta (Bommari) and City Centre (Stretching room) which can be used to practice a variety of sports, such as martial arts. At Hervanta, there are also punching bags and small selection of free weights next to the tatami. At City Centere Stretching room there are sports equipment for functional training. Punching bag can also be found at City Centre gym.


Hervanta has a 5 x 10-metre mini skate ramp at the Bommari.

Snow activities – cross country skiing

SportUni rents equipments for cross country skiing in Kauppi Centre. Check the rental times and prices.

The city of Tampere offers a wide network of maintained ski tracks. Among others, there are illuminated tracks at the Kauppi Sports Park behind TAMK.

There is a ski waxing point at Hervanta “Bommari”. The ski waxing point is located close to the floorball courts in the hallway, and it can be used to maintain your snowboard or cross country skis.

You can borrow plastic sledges from SportUni Kauppi Centre. There are 15 plastic sledges and you can borrow them by yourself or for your happening. SportUni loans sledges for those who are a members of Tampere University community, so you don’t need to pay SportUni fee. Please show your student/staff card in reception. You can find the opening hours of Kauppi customer service here. If you have something to ask, email to sportuni.kauppi@tuni.fi.