Kauppi Centre (L-building)

The Sports center at the TAMK main campus (address: Tekunkatu 5) was fully renovated and extended in 2016. There is approximately 1000 m2 of facility at your disposal.

Customer service

You can find the customer service desk at the lobby of the sports center. During office hours there is a sports coordinator at your service and in the evenings and weekends there is a hall supervisor to help you. Customer service opening hours.

Ball games hall

The ball games hall (450 m2) is available for team sports such as floorball, volleyball, basketball and futsal. It is also possible to divide the court into three equal sections in order to have three badminton courts. There is equipment for many different ball games and they must be returned after use if they are not needed in the following time slot.


The gym (300 m2) has high-quality David and Star Trac equipment. The gym is suited for various needs of the customers: the space is divided to areas for aerobic equipment, free weight training, Core Zone equipment and functional training.

Group exercise room

The group exercise room (250 m2) is situated in the 2nd floor of the building. The room has mirrored walls and a parquet floor. The room is used for group exercise and indoor spinning classes found in the Selection calendar and it can also be used for independent training

Climbing wall

There is a climbing wall (4 x 8 m) situated right next to the gym and it has three different routes.

Ping pong table

In the lobby you can also find a ping pong table.

Ski maintenance room

The ski tracks of the Kauppi sports park start from near the sports center and there you can find a separate maintenance room for cross-country skis. The room you can find a maintenance table with racks, a ski waxing iron, an iron scraper for removing the wax and a polishing brush.

Dressing rooms

Downstairs in the Kauppi Centre there are two changing rooms for men and women. The changing rooms have bathrooms and showers. Downstairs you will also find men’s and women’s bathroom and a handicap toilet.

Upstairs in the Kauppi Centre there are men’s and women’s changing rooms. Changing rooms have bathrooms and showers and a unisex sauna, where you have access to a terrace. Sauna opening hours.


Information about parking on TAMK main campus.