The timetables for the group exercise classes are published in the SportUni selection calendar (below) where you can also register for the classes. The spring season is on January 9 – April 29, 2023. There may be some weekly variation in the schedule.

Classes are held in the group exercise rooms of the sports centers if not marked otherwise. Classes held outside are followed by the mention “Outdoors”. “LS” marked classes in Kauppi are LiveStream classes to which you can either participate live in SportUni Kauppi or online. Register for those classes only if you come to the sport centre. You do not need to register for the class if you are participating online. You can participate online via the Zoom link on the Selection calendar. The link is available only to those who have paid the SportUni fee and are logged in with their tuni id.

Changes to the group excercise classes

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Printable group exercise timetables autumn 2022

City Centre GX Classes Spring 23

Hervanta GX Classes Spring 23

Kauppi GX Classes Spring 23


Some of the classes and courses are instructed in English. You can check the language of instruction in the information box of the class.

Classes are grouped into three colors according to the type of the class. Classes marked with * we recommend also for beginners.

Aerobic classes (green):

Sweat and endurance

Fitness classes (blue):

Comprehensive and effective muscle training

Balance classes (pink):

Maintaining balance in the body and mind