How to join?

Count me in - it's so easy! All you have to do is pay the SportUni fee to your own university sport centre.

The SportUni fee can be paid separately per term or for the whole year. The summer period is included in the spring term fee. By paying the sports fee you agree that your information is stored to SportUni customer register.


Whole year 1.8.2020-31.7.2021
Students 75€ / Staff 90€

Autumn term 1.8.2020-31.12.2020
Students 44€/ Staff 55€

Spring term 1.1.2021-31.7.2021
Students 49€/ Staff 60€

Per visit fee
Students / Staff 6€. One-time visit is possible for all the university students (not only for Tampere universities). The student card must be valid.

Notice: Students at TAMK: If you are not a member of Tamko there is a higher fee: autumn 55€ / spring 60€ / entire year 90€.

The prices incl. VAT.

How to pay?

Students and staff: Pay the fee by credit/debit card, cash or ePassi to the City Centre, TAMK or Hervanta Sport Centre customer service. TAU students can pay the fee at the same time with Student Union fee in Oili-Service. Members of Tamko can pay the SportUni fee also at the Tamko office (Kuntokatu 3, L-building)

What is included to the SportUni fee?

  • Use of gyms
  • Group exercise classes
  • Courses (possible extra fee)
  • Ball game time slots
  • Badminton and beach volley time slots as well as the use of billiards table (possible extra fee)
  • Other sports
  • Right to book PT and gym instruction services (extra fee)
  • The use of dressing rooms, sauna and shower facilities

Access rights to Sport Centres

Access rights to the Sport Centre in which you paid the fee are updated after payment. If you wish to request access rights to other SportUni campuses, please contact the sport centre customer service in question. Oili-payment gives automatical access rights to Hervanta campus sport facilities to those who already have a functioning access card at Hervanta campus. Other Oili-payment customers must pick up access rights from customer service points.
If you are using the facilities with a one-time-fee, no access card is needed. In this case you can use the facilities after visiting the customer service desk (notice the opening hours).

Access rights

Terms of use

  • The use of SportUni facilities and services requires the payment of a personal SportUni fee. With this payment you can use all the sports services on the three campuses.
  • The paid fee is not refunded to the customer in any case when the use of the services is interrupted.
  • The personal access right card must be scanned by the reader each time you visit the sport facilities! Without the card a client can not enter the facility. The misuse of the card might result in withholding the rights to use the sports facilities and services.
  • Those registered as a present student or staff member at TAU or TAMK are able to use the services as long as the study right or employment contract is valid.
  • Post-graduate students can pay the student SportUni fee and use the services as long as they are members of the student union. After graduation the right to use the sports facilities and services ends.
  • TAU international students can pay the student SportUni fee and use the services as long as they are members of the student union. If they choose not to pay the optional student union fee then the SportUni fee is the same as with staff members.
  • The right to use the sport facilities and services ends on the day when the student graduates or the working contract of the staff member ends. The SportUni fee is not partially refundable.
  • An insurance policy is not included in the fee. If required, you should provide your own accident insurance cover.

Customer information

Please, get to know to the customs, instructions and terms concerning the use of the sports services.