Outdoor Gym Program 4: Whole Body 2

General instructions:

- Do a quick 5-10 minutes warm-up on your own before workout.
- Do each movement in three sets, 10-15 reps.
- Take a 30 - 60 s break between sets.
- Remember to cool down after work out.

Bulgarian squat

Stand so that your other leg is on the box behind you. Stand on one foot and squat down. Your knee should not go over your toes.

3 x 15/leg

Barbell press

Stand in a good position. Grab the barbell with a wider than shoulder-width grip and bring the weight on top of your chest. Press the barbell up and return to the starting position.

3 x 10

Front squat

Stand in a good position, feet at hip width. Lift barbell on your shoulders and raise your elbows to shoulder level. Squat down. Keep your back in a normal arch and hold your elbows up to prevent the barbell from getting off your shoulders. Get back up so that your weight is in the middle on your feet.

3 x 10

Leg lifts

Hang on the rack with a shoulder-width grip with your legs and arms straight. Raise your legs bent while also bending your hips. Lift as high as possible. Lower your legs to the starting position at a controlled pace and maintain the tension in the middle body and hip flexors.

3 x 15


Squat down and grab the barbell with a shoulder-width grip, keep your back straight. Pull the barbell up to knees by extending your knees and hips. Using your shoulders and arms continue the movement up to your chest with increasing speed. Keep the barbell close to your body. Return the barbell down.

3 x 10

Chest opening in the rings

Hang on the rings with your hands straight. Legs slightly bent or straight. Start opening your arms straight to the side while lifting yourself up. Return slowly.

3 x 10