Outdoor Gym Program 1: Whole Body

General instructions:

- Do a 5-10 minute warm-up on your own before the workout.
- Do three sets for each movement, 15-20 reps.
- Rest 30 - 60 s between sets.
- Remember to do a cool down after the workout.

Push-up, chest

Begin in a push-up position. Place your arms beyond shoulder width apart. Lower your body slowly and then return to the starting position. Choosing a lower box makes the exercise more challenging.

3 x 15

Straightening the legs, abs and core

Sit on the box and support yourself by holding on to the edges with your hands. Lift your legs up to a 90-degree angle. Then extend your legs and return to starting position.

3 x 20

Rack row, back

Grab the rack with an underhand grip, hands shoulder width apart, hang on the rack so that your legs are placed on the ground, knees bent. Keep your back straight. Pull your chest towards the rack. At the top, keep the shoulders back, relaxed and shoulder blades together. Return to the starting position.

3 x 15

Squat with ball, legs

Place your feet shoulder width apart and hold the ball at chest height. Squat down and return to the starting position. Keep your hips and back in a neutral position and check that your knees and toes are in the same line.

3 x 15

Plank, core

Place your forearms on the box in line with your shoulders and your body in a straight line. Keep your buttocks down, but don’t let your back bend too much. Keep good support in the shoulder area. Pull your navel towards the spine.

3 x 1 minute

Sit-up, abs

Sit on the abdominal bench, hands behind your head. Lower your upper body slightly down and return up.

3 x 15