Online sports

SportUni remote training

SportUni remote training can be found in the Panopto video service of Tampere Universities. At the service, you will find a variety of recorded remote workouts that you can do just in time for you and wherever you are. To get the English subtitles for the videos, click CC.

You can log in to the Panopto SportUni folder with your own – IDs.

SportUni LIVE

SportUni LIVE is a closed Facebook group, where we organize live group exercise classes. “LS” marked classes in Kauppi are LiveStream classes with participants, check the schedule. Enroll on those classes only if you come to sport centre. No enrollment is needed to participate online. You can participate online by joining SportUni Live Facebook group. Only those who have paid the sports fee will be accepted into the group.

Join the SportUni LIVE Facebook group.

FAQ SportUni livestream classes.

Remote sports consultation

Sports consultation is a free service for students and staff members that is meant to help you to find your own way of doing sports. If you don’t have any health obstacles to training but you need some personal guidance to get started, sports consultation service is suitable option.

Make an appointment directly with the instructor. Sports consultation includes one personal meeting.


If you have paid the SportUni fee, you can also have access to yoga- and exerciseservice Yogobe.