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SportUni - Best University sports in Tampere

SportUni provides high quality and versatile sport services for students and personnel of Tampere Universities. You can use three campuses’ services for just one affordable fee!

Choose what you want

  • Group exercise daily – inside, outside and online
  • Sport courses – enrol four times a year
  • Ball games from badminton to team sports
  • Gyms – equipment, functional and free weight training
  • Outdoor gyms
  • Personal training, gym instruction and sports consultation services – just for you
  • Climbing, billiards and many more different sport opportunities

SportUni offers harassment-free training for all members of the Tampere University community.

Count me in!

Wonderful! And it’s so easy. All you have to do is pay the SportUni fee. You can get access rights from each sport centre customer service point.

How to join?

SportUni is the member of national and European Academic Sport Network (ENAS).

SportUni is a cooperation member of Finnish Student Sports Federation.