Group Exercise

SportUni organizes group exercise classes on all campuses (City Centre, Hervanta and Kauppi). There are dozens of different classes with different levels of difficulty. Familiarize yourself with the class descriptions and give different classes a try, and you will surely find the one that suits you. You can participate in group exercise classes as often you like as long as you always remember to register for the classes in advance from the Selection calendar.

The classes are divided into three different color categories according to the type of the class: green=aerobic classes, blue=fitness classes, pink=balance classes. Additionally, some classes are marked with a star* meaning that they are suitable for beginners.

All equipment needed for the classes can be found in group exercise rooms, but you can bring your own yoga/fitness mat if you wish. Please only wear indoor shoes in the group exercise rooms.

Here you can see the group exercise timetable.


You must register for all group exercise classes (except participating online to LS classes). You can register daily through the Selection calendar. The registration for the classes opens the day before the given class at 7 am. You can register until the beginning of the class. Your registration appears on your SportUni “My page”, where you can also cancel it. Remember to cancel your registration if you can’t make it. You may register for as many classes daily and weekly as you wish. The instructor checks the registrations at the beginning of each class if needed.

Length of the class

Each group exercise class starts according to the schedule and finishes 5 minutes before the scheduled time leaving transfer time for the following class. Please arrive on time!