Outdoor Gym Program 2: Upper Body

General instructions:

- Do a quick 5-10 minutes warm-up on your own before workout.
- Do each movement in three sets, 15-20 reps.
- Take a 30 - 60 s break between sets.
- Remember to cool down after work out.


Brace your hands against the box, your legs in front bent or straight. Bend your elbows and press back to the start position. Keep your shoulders down while doing the movement.

3 x 15


Brace your hands against the box, shoulders on wrists, body straight, middle body tense. Bring the right knee towards the chest, stop and repeat the same for the left leg.

3 x 20

Throwing a ball into the wall

Stand in a hip width position with your side facing the wall. First, move the ball away from the wall by twisting your upper body. Throw the ball by force into the wall by twisting your body and try to catch the ball bouncing off the wall. Activate your middle body.

3 x 15/side

Barbell row

Grab the barbell with an overhand grip, hands shoulder width apart, body bent forward. Keep the thoracic spine straight. Pull the barbell towards the lower part of the sternum. Keep the shoulders back and shoulder blades together. Return to the start position.

3 x 15

Shoulder blades lift

Take a slightly wider grip on the bar than your shoulders. Keep your elbows straight throughout the movement. Hang passively on the bar. Pull your shoulder blades firmly down and toward your spine. Return to passive hanging.

3 x 15

Row with rings

Place your back towards the ground below the rings and take a narrower grip on the rings than your shoulders. Start pulling yourself towards the rings with the muscles of the upper back, so that the chest touches the rings in the upper position. Squeeze the shoulder blades tightly together and return the movement with control.

3 x 15